Ruben Food Blogger Goa

Interview with a Goan Food Blogger: Ruben Rodrigues

Ruben Rodrigues from Margao is an upcoming food blogger from the state of Goa. He runs a YouTube channel with his mom called “The Food Diary from Mom to Son”.

Welcome to our edition of Inside the mind of a Blogger! In this edition we interview all the prominent and upcoming bloggers from the state of Goa. Today we shall get to know about an upcoming food blogger in Goa, Ruben Rodrigues from Margao. He has recently introduced himself into the food blogging world and shares images of his favourite foods and cuisines on his Instagram account. He has also teamed up with his mom and now has a YouTube channel where they teach various Goan recipes to their viewers.

Ruben believes that food and cooking can be a great comfort during stressful times. He feels that indulging in comfort foods enrich the body, mind and soul. At Goan Insider we decided to speak to Ruben one-on-one. The excerpts of our conversation are below.

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Tell us a little about yourself

I am Ruben Rodrigues , based in Margao and I am 19 years of age. I am just a young man filled with big dreams and craziness. I’m a 3rd year student at IHM Goa . I am a big time foodie and a happy go lucky kinda person .

When did you first realise that you have an interest towards the food and hospitality sector? 

After my 12th boards , I was totally confused about what to do next. Luckily my dad filled the form for the entrance exam at IHM Goa and I answered the all INDIA exam and did pass with good marks. As a science student I never wanted jobs like an engineer, doctor etc. I wanted to do something funky, innovative and lively and I feel my dad did the right thing.

Ruben Food Blogger Goa

How was your experience in training at Taj Exotica Goa?

It was an awesome experience. In fact I got to learn so many things and enjoyed the ambiance and also got to be a part of all the 4 major departments there ( F&B , house keeping , front office, food production). I also learnt many skills like food plating , different cuisines and improved my knowledge of food.

What interested you to get into food blogging? 

Food makes me drool. Since my whole family was at home during the lockdown, I got an opportunity to work with my mom in the kitchen. Whatever we would cook, I would click pictures of it simply as a time pass and put it up on my WhatsApp story. I was surprised when there was an admiration and love for the food I made and showcased. One day my cousin suggested that I open an Instagram account only for food. That’s how I started my Instagram food blog called as “”. I was amazed that on the first day itself I received 150 followers and then there was no looking back .

What is your favourite cuisine?

 I always admire authentic Goan cuisine and I also favor Mughlai cuisine.

Are you good at cooking? Which is the best dish you can whip up? 

I’m still under training but I’m getting better day by day. But I do have the skills which I’m sure will take me to great heights. Presently I’m good at baking cakes and so far the best one for me is the carrot cake which I make.

Ruben Food Blogger Goa

What are your cooking inspirations? A famous chef, your mom, a cookbook, a blog…?

It’s got to be my mom. It is she who has trained me from scratch and is still guiding me to sharpen my skills.

What’s your biggest failure ever in the kitchen?

Well this is a funny one but I suppose it was the worst experience ever.  In my mom’s absence I took the initiative to prepare dal masala to surprise her for lunch. When I was opening the cooker there was a sudden blast. Luckily nothing happened to me but the kitchen was a mess . A small whiff of heat touched my chest and burned it, keeping a scare in the shape of a heart as a remembrance.

What is your pick-me-up dish and why? 

Any kinda egg preparation. I am a big time egg lover.

Ruben Food Blogger Goa

When did you start your YouTube channel and what does it cover? How has the response been? 

Our YouTube channel is named  as “The Food Diary from Mom to Son”. My mom and I started the channel around 3 months back. We cover authentic traditional Goan food . The response has been extremely good and we are presently a family of almost 700 subscribers.

What ingredients would you bring on a desert island with you? You can only pick three!

Oh no ! That’s quite tricky. I think I would take water, eggs and a lot of potatoes.

How can our readers stay connected with you as well as your brand?

You can stay connected with me through my food blog on Instagram or my YouTube channel.

What’s the dream? 

My dream is to get trained as a Pastry chef and later on to have my own brand establishment. I want to be the most amazing, funky and crazy food blogger ever.

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