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Covid19 Survivor: Anushka Naik

This has been a life-changing experience. It has taught me to value my family and friends, spend more time with them, and not take anything for granted.
– Anushka Naik

Off late we have seen a lot of youngsters succumb to the Covid19 virus in the second wave in Goa. The infection from the virus spreads drastically once it enters your body and it is a very crucial time to take the necessary actions. Unfortunately, many Goans take the symptoms lightly as common cough and cold and end up spreading the infection to others. If the infection is not treated in the first week, it reaches the lungs and quickly infects them. At this point, the situation only begins to worsen and we have seen it with youth showing extreme weakness and gasping for oxygen.

Youngsters do have higher immunity levels. This is exactly the reason why youngsters don’t take the situation seriously when they show symptoms and avoid testing. What actually happens is the virus grows and spread during this negligent time and eventually overburdens our immunity, thus leading to a sudden outbreak of severe symptoms and then hospitalization. What is even ridiculous is that people avoid going to centers to test for the virus with the fear that they will get the virus at these centers.

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In this article we speak to Anushka Naik, a symptomatic Covid19 patient and learn of the horrors she and her family underwent when infected. We want to thank Anushka for willing to share her story with the world and educate our readers on the same. Read about her Covid-19 experience below.

Were you symptomatic or an asymptomatic Covid-19 patient? What were the symptoms you experienced?

I was a symptomatic patient. My symptoms included extreme headaches, fever, conjunctivitis, and body rash so this was the new strain for sure.

Did you undergo home isolation or were you hospitalised? 

I was under home isolation for 17 days along with my family who tested positive for Covid19 as well.

How did you go about the process and how was the experience?

My dad tested positive for COVID-19 first in my house, followed by my mom, my brother, and then me. So I was pretty sure from my first symptom which was an extreme headache that I was positive for COVID-19. When my dad first had a cold and cough, I tried telling him to take a test for the first few days but he was in denial, so we kept a distance from him just in case. This is actually a problem in most families where they try to avoid getting tested due to the fear of catching the virus at the center itself in case you’re not actually positive. After much deliberation, he finally went for a test which turned out to be positive, and then he isolated himself.

After 2 days, my brother turned out to be positive and after another day, my mom had slight shortness of breath but no other symptoms or weakness whatsoever. The same day, she went to the Porvorim health center and stood in the never-ending queue for a test. We received a call from a person telling us that my mother had fainted. We rushed there only to see her on the floor, she had puked all over herself and was weak and dehydrated. The doctors immediately told us to get a scan done, to which my father argued that she didn’t need it as she was completely fine before this. The doctor asked my dad to sign a letter that if anything would happen to her, he would be responsible. Hearing that sent shivers down his neck and the next thing we know, we were getting a scan done. My mom had congestion in her lungs which was fortunately detected at the right time. The doctors put her on steroids and very high doses where she could hardly stand for the next few days. Seeing her like that was devastating and I could only pray for this nightmare to end. Another day passed and I was burning with a high fever, my oxygen levels went low and my pressure was borderline as I was trying to get over this. My brother had a fainting episode at home, another situation we were not ready to handle. We got through it somehow. It took my family and me around a week to recover and I was only grateful that we had all survived this nightmare. 

What are the DO’S and Dont’s someone must keep in mind when they test positive for Covid-19?


  • The first thing you must do even before you test positive if you have any symptoms, ISOLATE. I can’t stress on this enough.
  • No matter what you are going through, you have to stay strong and get through this period.
  • Keep track of your SPO2 levels and pulse rate.
  • Take steam thrice a day. Steaming is super important as it has the potential to paralyze and kill the virus in your body. 
  • Take your meds on time and stay hydrated.
  • Keep a positive mindset as it is very important for your body to heal. 


  • DO NOT step out! Keep a caretaker or ask your friends and family to do the daily shopping for you or to get you food if need be.
  • Don’t panic! This is not the time to panic but to rest and take care of yourself.
  • Do not self-prescribe Remdesivir or steroids. I have heard a lot of such cases which is ridiculous.
  • Sanitize your house at regular intervals.
  • Use a separate washroom or toilet if possible and don’t share anything that you have used.

How did you feel when you were infected and what has this whole experience taught you?

It completely sucked for me. Honestly, I feel like I’ve been running away from the virus for a year now by avoiding public gatherings, parties and just staying home as much as possible. I’ve also been working from home for the past year now. I may have stepped into a few restaurants and given into a few temptations once everything had opened, but I kept in mind all the precautions that needed to be taken. I just don’t get how the youth in Goa have been recklessly partying from the beginning like as if the virus didn’t exist, breaking all social distancing norms whatsoever, and not even wearing a mask. It’s pathetic! Due to these gatherings and the careless attitude of people, we are where we are now, losing so many precious lives. Instead of blaming the government, if everyone followed the protocols set by WHO, I don’t think our country would have been in such a bad state right now.

All in all, it has been a life-changing experience. It has taught me to value my family and friends, spend more time with them, and not take anything for granted. While we have survived it, a lot of them have lost their close ones. This is a heartbreaking situation many people have had to confront over the course of the pandemic.

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