Covid19 Survivor Goa

Covid19 Survivor: Zamila Pacheco

“This whole experience gave me a new outlook on life. It taught me to enjoy my loneliness and also not to worry unnecessarily about the things that pass”
– Zamila Pacheco

Covid-19 taking a toll on everyday lives with the fear of getting sick and financial strains. This has severely affected people’s daily emotional lives and mental health. It’s been around for over a year now and will continue to be among us with the continuing evolving strains. Even after constant warnings from the World Health Organisation and doctors on the life-threatening effects of his virus, many see Covid-19 as a hoax or a government scam. But in reality, many succumb to this deadly virus and many cases go unreported. The trauma, hardship, and pain patients and their families experience is quite sorrowful.

There are, however, survivors of this deadly virus and we at Goan Insider want to bring forth their experiences to educate people on the repercussions of taking our current pandemic situation as a joke. We want to thank Zamila Pacheco for willing to share her story with the world. Read about her Covid-19 experience below.

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Were you a symptomatic or an asymptomatic Covid19 patient? What were the symptoms you experienced?

I was a symptomatic covid patient. I experienced headache, weakness, fever, joint pain, loss of taste and smell.

Did you undergo home isolation or were you hospitalized? How did you go about the process and how was the experience?

I had to be hospitalized since I had wheezing and low oxygen levels. The process was very tedious since I had to get all my stuff ready myself to be taken to the hospital. Also, I was kept at a distance and avoided by everyone.

Covid19 Survivor Goa

What are the DO’S and Dont’s someone must keep in mind when they test positive for Covid19DOs


  1. Immediately get your oxygen levels checked and report to your family doctor.
  2. Most importantly keep strong and take it easy.
  3. Stay optimistic and be open to anything
  4. Keep yourself busy and engaged as and when you can by watching funny videos or playing music or a movie or just anything that interests you.
  5. Just pray, surrender and take the treatment religiously.
  6. Remember that you have the power and you can fight it.
  7.  Engage in healthy conversations with the right people.
  8. Tell yourself that you will get through this.


  1.  Once you know you are Covid positive don’t panic.
  2. Do not watch unwanted news.
  3. Avoid phone calls and listening to people’s opinions.
  4. Do not overthink and fill yourself with fear.

What has this whole experience taught you?

This whole experience gave me a new outlook on life. It taught me to enjoy my loneliness and also not to worry unnecessarily about the things that pass. Life felt so temporary on the hospital bed so nothing really mattered in the end. All that mattered was what kind of life you lived and what good you did, which is our responsibility. Eventually, each of us is accountable for our actions. Believing that we are here for a short while and death is right next door which can knock at any time, helped me to learn to be prepared for anything. I learned to value people more who are with me because we get just one life to live and just one chance to express our truest feelings to our family and loved ones are.

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