Rolt Covid19 Goa

Covid19 Survivor: Rolt Coutinho

“It was only once I did my CT scan that I realized the intensity of the virus has and how it affects the lungs. Luckily, my body was able to fight the virus.”
– Rolt Coutinho

Covid-19 cases are on the rise in the state of Goa. Our aim is to not induce panic or fear it to sensitize people on the gravity of the current scenario. Our survivor stories will educate you on the experiences people go through when infected and how they managed to beat the virus. We read, learn and just take precautions so that we can expect better days soon.

We want to thank Rolt Coutinho for willing to share his survivor story with the world. Read about his Covid-19 experience in Goa below.

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Were you a symptomatic or an asymptomatic Covid19 patient? What were the symptoms you experienced?

I was asymptomatic. I had symptoms for the first 4 days, and thereafter none. The first day I felt fatigued, with a heavy head and eyes burning. The second day, my body felt sore and had a temperature by late evening which continued the next 2 days as well.

Did you undergo home isolation or were you hospitalized? How did you go about the process and how was the experience?

I underwent home isolation but was under-treated by Manipal Hospital. I just got as much rest as I could while I had the symptoms and after a few days, I felt better. It did start to get frustrating and depressing as days passed by during the isolation period.

What are the DOs and DONTs someone must keep in mind when they test positive for Covid19?


  • Take things seriously. The virus is harmful.
  • Isolate yourself so that you don’t infect others.
  • Be positive and surround yourself with positive vibes. 
  • Eat healthy meals with lots of greens and proteins
  • Keep yourself hydrated and consume hot liquids.
  • Take your medication as prescribed and do some breathing exercises. 
  • Keep checking your temperature and oxygen saturation at least twice a day.
  • Adhere to what’s told to you by the doctor.


  • Do not watch unwanted news.
  • When you test positive for Covid19, do not panic.
  • Do not believe in hearsay. Listen to information from trusted authorities and doctors

How did you feel when you were infected and what has this whole experience taught you?

When I first had the symptoms, I did not test myself quickly. I took it to be a usual flu, but I did treat my symptoms accordingly. I recommend everyone to isolate themselves if you have the slightest doubt that you’ve been infected. I tested myself on the 5th day as my dad also showed symptoms and when I got my results, I was taken aback. But I always had a positive attitude. It was only once I did my CT scan that I realized the intensity of the virus has and how it affects the lungs. Luckily, my body was able to fight the virus.

This experience has taught me that life can be very short, especially after seeing the statistics of deaths that were occurring. There was still a fear within and I kept wondering ‘What if I worsen?’ But being positive and clearing my head of negative thoughts did help. Having friends calling to inquire how I was doing helped me the most and also helping me by running errands and other stuff did mean a lot.

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