F&G Dazzle Accessories Mumbai

Hassle free Fashion Jewels with F&G Dazzle

Express to the world your shine and reveal your charm by F&G Dazzle, an online store, where affordable accessories are available to match your outfits with fashionable yet elegant jewellery ranging from silver charms, to pearl necklaces to customized clay ornaments.

It’s an evening party that you’ve been invited to, you’re in a hurry to dress up, you’ve found the perfect outfit for the evening but then notice that something is missing to complete that charming look. You curiously hunt through your jewellery casket and realise you don’t have that ‘One’ accessory to complete your outfit. Well, do we really have the time to encounter such unpleasant circumstances?

Everyone knows that the key to an amazing outfit is Accessories! Just when you think you’ve run out of options to complement your outfit and character, then comes in F & G Dazzle. An online enterprise based in Mumbai currently run by two Goans that brings to you, craftsmanship and artwork through handmade, customized accessories such as beautiful pearl necklaces and bracelets, astonishing charms, along with impressive clay accessories that suit every gift, outfit and occasion. Goan Insider converses with Kevin Baretto and Eugenia Pereira, and sets out to reveal more about their amazing venture ‘F & G Dazzle’.

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For those who haven’t heard of the business, what is the best way to describe F&G dazzle?

F&G Dazzle is here to offer you budget friendly accessories that will fill your wardrobe with some amazing and elegant jewelleries. Be it a teen or a youth we have the accessories available from silver charms to Pearls. Dazzles products are unique as we even customize necklaces for couples, friends, anniversaries for various valuable customers in our clay accessory segment. We are currently an online store. We are based in Mumbai but ship products all over India.

F&G Dazzle Accessories Mumbai
Best Friends forever Pearl Bracelets

To get started, could you give us a brief intro about your company and about yourselves?

The idea to begin an accessory business was proposed in June 2020, we then started the planning phase in the month of February 2021. We finally began functioning by April 2021, with all things in proper place from the products (Accessories) we would be selling till the execution of a plan to reach our audience.

Our target is basically teens and the youth. We would pitch in to produce accessories for kids as well as audience above 35. However, being a start-up business, we aim to take one step at a time and keenly observe what interests our audience. F & G Dazzle began with a unique epoxy resin necklace. Appreciation goes out to the folks that came forward to buy our products and help to create a buzz around. We then immediately began with silver and gold
charms which is always in demand. Well, That’s not it! We create pearl necklaces and bracelets, clay accessories made with polymer which includes rings, necklaces and bracelets. New collection added to the business are gold earrings. We would gladly connect with Gift shops as our accessories are produced in bulk too!

F&G Dazzle is led by a team of two who are best friends and Business partners too. The owner Eugenia Pereira is a college student from Porvorim, with a creative mind and great Fashion sense which developed the idea of beginning an accessory business. Kevin Baretto is a BMM graduate from Canacona. Kevin takes care of the social media, blogger association, sales and marketing, packaging and ideation of the start-up. Even the offers are implemented
by him. The website is handled by Ricky Rodrigues, a cyber security student and we appreciate his efforts towards growing our start-up.

F&G Dazzle Accessories Mumbai
Artwork made by Eugenia Pereira

What was your motivation to move from an idea to a business?

We always imagined of having a small business of our own. When Eugenia presented her craft works to Kevin, the desire to bring this idea into existence arose and that’s when he got inspired by one of the stories of “Just Peachy” an accessory brand start-up. The story inspired Kevin so much that the whole idea of F&G Dazzle initiated. We believe that everyone has a talent within them and it just takes the perfect thought process to convert that talent to an idea and eventually to a wonderful career. F&G Dazzle looks forward to grow more in the coming days.

Blue heart Clay accessory

When did you establish the business and how has the journey been ever since?

F&G Dazzle began in the month of February 2021 and initially the process and introduction began in April 2021. Loads of ups and downs accompany us as we carry to take the business ahead. The buzz that our charms created was enormous but we would like to reach more people with our beautiful accessories. The business is going well. We are happy to announce that we recently tied up with Arsheen Inamdar, a famous and talented child actress on Star plus to promote our epoxy necklaces. But wait, there’s more! We have also tied up with Kevina Tak from Chotti Sardarni, Ekta methai from Zee TV and Jinal Jain from Star Plus, that assisted to spread the word. There are upcoming surprises as we have a bigwig from Zee TV and StarPlus on board to create a noise about our brand.

F&G Dazzle Accessories Mumbai
Jinal Jain from Star plus wearing F&G Dazzle
F&G Dazzle Accessories Mumbai
Arsheen Inamdar from Star Plus wearing F&G Dazzle

Your brand name seems to be very catchy, what is the aim behind the name?

The main purpose behind the name is we want our customers to Dazzle whilst sharing the charm to everyone who browse through our products on our websites. We want to create a different aura among the audience about our products and build a loyal customer base.

What are the different items that you sell? And how do you enhance items each month?

We make silver and gold charms, Epoxy Resin necklaces, Clay and Pearls exclusive accessories such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces. We also make Customised necklaces for couples and friends suitable for various occasions. We have entrancing resin glitter necklaces too! We have recently introduced budget friendly gold earrings. We introduce items based on the festivals or different days which can give us an exposure as a budget
friendly start-up brand. Usually, we are determined to sell a stock as well as introduce something new every month. We are in tactics to announce something before Christmas season begins.

F&G Dazzle Accessories Mumbai
Epoxy Resin Jewellery

What gets you excited about this company and what keeps you going?

Well, the idea alone of owning a small start-up and everyday making plans to grow it by taking small steps to reach the ultimate goal of success one day. We go by the logic of the need to grow more, improving executions and innovating new ideas. The sense of ‘completing what has been started’ and that learning along the way is what keeps us growing as F&G Dazzle drives us towards our ultimate goals.

What makes you stand out from the rest? Describe the innovation you believe that makes you proud of the business?

Budget friendly accessories is something we are proud of as we provide all our products at a reasonably affordable price range. Also, the mastermind behind the creative accessories Eugenia Pereira makes some dazzling customised accessories. We find it thrilling to introduce fresh products every month and we are proud that some of the celebs or bloggers appreciate and recognise our work, since it gets us intrinsic bliss.

Your greatest obstacle and achievement throughout this journey?

Greatest obstacle has been reaching the audience, we have sold many accessories but building the customer base has been difficult. Our greatest achievement is starting our own start-up accessory brand taking it ahead even though ups and downs, the gratification and appreciation from our clients is what keeps us motivated.

Who is your target audience? And what would you want to convey to them?

Our target audience are teenagers and the youth, specifically the group of 13 to 35 years of age. I would like to ask all our target audience to try out our products once as we have astonishing, eye-catching varieties and we would love building frequent customers. Some exciting offers have come up, from which the recent offer was to purchase any of the necklaces for just Rs.70.

Which is your current best-selling product?

The charm necklaces are our best seller. The three pendant necklaces got sold out like hot cakes! Right after introducing epoxy resin jewelleries. Since we want the best to be sold to clients, A poll and questionnaire was made to understand what interests our Target audience and out of all 107 respondents, approximately 80 people said is silver charm pendants. This way we began making the Charms which eventually caught the eye of our audience.

F&G Dazzle Accessories Mumbai
Dazzle’s Charm Necklaces

Recommended items to our audience and do you have any upcoming offers?

We would like to recommend to you our charm necklaces, eco-friendly accessories and epoxy resin necklaces. We have had an ongoing offer where we sell all our products for Rs. 70 each just during the 2 weeks of November.

How do you get the audience to notice you?

For us Instagram and verbal communication has been effective in getting noticed by the audience. Even influencer marketing equally works in our favour at times. We are available on Instagram, Facebook and Website. We have joined Facebook recently and look forward to grow it too.

And what is the business working on, currently? Anything exciting coming up?

We have recently introduced a gold earrings full set for just Rs.399. We will be coming up with another accessory before advent arrives. Some exciting offer would be coming real soon.

How can our readers stay connected with your brand?

We are available 24×7 on our Instagram handle.

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