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Conquering the Digital Space with Dreamsketchers from Goa

Dreamsketchers LLP is a branding and design studio based in Panjim committed to developing the ‘branding perspective’, in Goa with their focus being on the reason and essence of developing any brand.

Remember the times when cell phones and the internet didn’t exist? We would just hear about new brands and businesses through radio or tv ads or through word of mouth. This meant that businesses then required huge budgets to be known by a global audience. The times have changed since then, and with the internet and social media, it’s easy to promote your brand to people with the click of a button. Today, even the way businesses approach their customers has shifted with traditional marketing taking a step back making digital marketing the new face of the marketing world.

The internet has become a game-changer. As of January 2021, there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide which are about 59.5 percent of the global population. Of these total users, 92.6 percent which is about 4.32 billion accessed the internet via mobile devices. This means that if your business is not mobile-friendly then you are most likely to fail in the digital space. Digital marketing has now become a norm for a business to achieve success and if you are adamant about sticking to the traditional ways your business will not grow in the future. I say this because any business needs exposure to find new customers, and the online market is the gold mine making it possible.

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When we hear of a new business, the trend now is to first check its online presence to know if it does exist and to learn a little more about it. You are highly likely to lose a customer if they can’t find you online. This brings us to the point that digital marketing companies are helping you bridge that gap. Not everyone is tech-savvy or understands the online market, and hence we have professionals who come into the picture. Panjim-based branding and design studio, Dreamsketchers LLP, has been helping businesses improve their branding and online communication for the past 4 years. They have clients not only in Goa but across the globe. They have successfully worked with Perno Ricard India, Jagermeister, Goamiles, Goa Tourism Development Corporation, Deltin Group, Holiday Inn Canada, Indomie Cafe Nigeria to name a few.

Dreamsketchers LLP is going to complete 5 years of its existence in the industry in 2021. We at Goan Insider had a conversation with its founders Ankit Talaulikar, Prayag Quenim, Anish Divekar, to get a more in-depth understanding of their start-up and its future goals. The excerpts of our conversation are below.

For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe Dreamsketchers LLP?

We are a branding and design studio committed to developing the ‘branding perspective’, in Goa with our focus being on the reason and essence of developing any brand. 

Dreamsketchers SMM Goa

What features of Dreamsketchers differentiates it in the market?

Our problem-solving, consumer-focused approach is what differentiates us. As a team, we pay high attention to our research and analysis in understanding the customer pain points and motivations. Our personalized approach of working together as one team makes us a strong option to be considered for entrepreneurs and firms. Our expertise in communication & design helps us deliver the message to the TG with absolute clarity and efficiency.

What types of services do you offer to your clients?

  1. Brand Development: We act as consultants and designers to bring your idea to life, or to make an existing idea market fit in terms of its concept, visual presentability, and communications. We do this through a research-intensive process of understanding the target base, trends, and their requirements.
  2. Design: From designing objective-oriented campaigns to developing brand product packaging and visual identities, we have got our clients covered.
  3. Social Media Marketing: With ‘Basics’ as our social media division, we extend the boundaries of social community building, customer targeting, and engagement by combining both offline and online strategies.
Dreamsketchers SMM Goa

Why is social media marketing important for every business?

Well, it is important to be where your customer is to get noticed. It helps build a social community around your brand helping your business to be vocal, speak up like a human how I and you do on a personal level, influence perceptions, and engage with people of interest. In today’s world, where the mobile-first approach is taking over if done correctly, social media allows you to send targeted messages to the right person to be delivered right in front of them on their phones or other devices.

How is online marketing different today than it was just a few years ago?

Marketing today is more consumer-focused, listening to your consumers and giving them a strong reason to connect with you as a brand. Technology today allows us to get personal with our consumers, study trends and patterns through data science. With the rigorous advent of online marketing and all the noise generated due to heavy competition online, today what makes a difference is your capacity to stand out with the right kind of communications, targeting the right audience, with the right reason and value. 

Dreamsketchers SMM Goa
Work done by Dreamsketchers LLP for Goa Miles

Tell us about your team what they specialise in

We are a young motivated team specialized in overall brand communications. The focus is on achieving the envisioned results for our clients and of course for us. 

How would Dreamsketchers define the role(s) of a brand strategist? What personal skills or talents are needed?

A brand strategist is someone who helps pave a clear path for a brand to connect to its target audience and grow further in the right direction respectively. This is someone who brings a 360-degree approach to devising marketing communications and considers the pros and cons of every move. Many times we see people launch their ideas as final products which most of the time backfires or are short-lived. A brand strategist helps you evaluate your idea through different perspectives, develop insights on the feasibility of the same through various forms of research, and helps you get market-ready with a definite long-term plan in mind.  A brand strategist brings on board logic to decisions that are otherwise based on assumptions. 

The ability to listen is the key! 

Which are some of the brands or businesses you have worked with? Any memorable one’s?  

We have worked with clients from various industries ranging from Hospitality, Logistics, Media & Entertainment, FMCG to Health & Beauty. 

Some of the clients we have worked with are:

  • Deltin Group
  • Perno Ricard India (Absolut, Jameson, 100 pipers etc.)
  • Goamiles
  • Chronicle Vagator
  • Indomie Cafe (Nigeria)
Dreamsketchers SMM Goa
Work done by Dreamsketchers LLP for Deltin Group

What range of skills does a brand designer need to succeed in our multimodal world?

A brand designer should have the capacity to conduct rigorous research and referencing. He or she must have the ability to listen, understand and evaluate with a lot of patience.

What creative roles do you see as being crucial in the digital space and branding?

Each role is crucial, may it be a strategist, a designer, or a content planner. Every role which makes an impact on consumer communication and overall brand governance is important. This includes each and every person, activity, the technology associated with communicating the brand and its offerings.

How do you think technology is upgrading the marketing sector?

With the current pandemic and many businesses going online, how do you see the growth of online marketing in the years to come? I think technology facilitates the same by acting as the bridge between them both.

Dreamsketchers SMM Goa

How can Dreamsketchers help marketers in the present pandemic situation?

By helping them reach out to their audience online or planning & developing the new concept which has been lingering in their minds in a structured and well thought off manner. Whatever it is a marketer’s need, we as a team are here to support using the best of standards and skills. 

How can our readers stay connected with you and your brand? 

Through our social handles such as Instagram and Facebook as well as through our website.

What does the future hold for Dreamsketchers?

Oh, the future is a bag of opportunities! We aim to become the best branding and design studio in the country over a period of time with our wings spreading across the national boundaries.

Dreamsketchers Goa Founders
Ankit Talaulikar, Prayag Quenim, Anish Divekar: Founders at Dreamsketchers LLP

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