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Making Your Job Search Easier with Green Arrow Career Services in Goa

Green Arrow Career Services is a wonderfully planned staffing startup founded by Dominic Coutinho who is helping to ease the recruitment process in Goa by connecting companies to the right talent.

Recruitment or staffing firms play an important role in the effort to match quality candidates with companies looking for talent. Most staffing firm owners are extraordinary relationship managers and over the years have built extensive networks that help them find a needle in a haystack. Their experience helps them easily screen for the negative but probe for the positive. Staffing firms line up ability, attitude, willingness, and diligence helping them envision a wider view of the role. Hiring from such firms helps companies get the job done much quicker and much more accurately.

Green Arrow Career Services is a wonderfully planned staffing startup founded by Dominic Coutinho who is helping ease the recruitment process in Goa. He believed that there are many job opportunities and talented individuals in the state but aren’t given the limelight. With Green Arrow, he has been making efforts to bridge this gap and has helped many companies find the right talent. With diligence, solid focus, the right attitude, and an insight into the various sectors, Dominic has been able to grow the recruitment skills of Green Arrow at an exponential rate.

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Recruitment services, placement services, candidate sourcing, client servicing, job placements, social media recruitment, setting up a professional CV/resume is some of the work Green Arrow specializes in. At Goan Insider we had a chat with Dominic. The excerpts of our conversation are below.

What is the idea behind starting Green Arrow Career Services in Goa?

Green Arrow Career Services is a Recruitment and Placement Agency located in Goa. We offer a wide range of customized, high-quality, research-based talent consulting services. Our priority has always been to assist the companies and industries in Goa with quality Manpower and to provide job opportunities to jobseekers in Goa.

Green Arrow Goa

How has Green Arrow Career Services been helpful to others?

  • We help address the talent needs by facilitating quality candidates for the position required by leveraging our know-how, relationships, and service capabilities.
  • We assist jobseekers irrespective of freshers or professionals with job opportunities in various sectors in Goa.
  • We provide additional services to help job seekers with Professional resume writing for better job opportunities.

When did you “charter” the business and what was the mission at the outset?

I began my journey by working as a freelancer for a period of 3 years for various recruitment agencies. Initially, I catered for PAN India which was a huge market, however, I decided to focus on a niche market and diverted my total attention only to Goa. I realized focusing on Goa as my location was my strong point as it was my base. It did take me a while to start my own company, but after acquiring much experience, Green Arrow Career Services was born.

Our mission is that every individual in Goa should get an opportunity to be employed. The opportunities in Goa are endless and many don’t know about their existence, and that’s where we enter and complete the picture. We bridge the gap between the employer and the employees. All the job requirements which are based in Goa are always updated on social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram groups and every individual is free to be a part of these groups.

An excellent resume is what makes you stand out from the crowd and we can make that happen with our professional resume writing services. With a really well-written cv/resume, your chances are very high in getting shortlisted for an interview.

Which are some of the companies or brands you are associated with?

At the moment we cater to hospitality, automobile, IT, digital media sector, etc. But we don’t limit ourselves to any particular industry or company. As long as you have a requirement which is in Goa, we are at your service.

How has the response been? Approximately, how many people use your service on a monthly basis?

We have been in business as a company Green Arrow Career Services for almost 2 years now. I must say that the response has been overwhelming, but it’s still a long way ahead. We have had the opportunity of catering to some of the best clients in Goa and we look forward to catering to many more.

We also have been able to provide employment to youth in Goa on some scale. It’s been a challenge, but what’s life without risks. There have been times when we have also looked for candidates outside Goa for some
requirements which could not be fulfilled, but that’s very rare. This scenario exists only if we don’t find suitable profiles or if there’s a specific requirement by the client themselves. Goans are always given first preference when it comes to job opportunities in Goa.

Where is your business located and why do you think this is the best place for you?

We are located in Calangute, Goa. At the moment, the whole world is digital and we have a very active digital presence. 95% of our business is done online, over the phone, via emails, chats, and social media. So, the physical
location of our office is not really a concern.

Why should anybody choose your services over others?

We have been in business for the past two years but my cumulative experience in recruitment is much more than that. Networking has always helped us as a business and we have grown into a strong network in a short period. We as a team can provide an effective and efficient solution when it comes to manpower needs anywhere in Goa.

What is the aim with this company?

Our mission from the beginning has been only one, to provide job opportunities to Goans in Goa. Hence, whenever there are any requirements from clients, our first preferences are always given to Goans looking for employment.

We want to improve the employment rate in Goa and change the belief that Goa has no opportunities when it comes to jobs. Opportunities in Goa exist but it’s only a matter of finding the right means to help you get that job.

What key activities would you recommend someone to invest their time in if they are going for an interview?

To begin with, the resume/CV has to be well written. It is an important tool that helps employers make hiring decisions and helps you get your first interview. That’s why it matters how you structure your resume and what information you decide to include. It also needs a constant update as per your latest skills and qualifications and the job requirement.

We do professional CV/resume writing and we can help you in preparing one which may help you achieve your next career move. Another important aspect is applying for the right job. One should solely apply for the job if
your skills, qualification, and experience match the job requirement. Randomly applying for all the jobs available will make your chances very negligible and the hiring managers won’t even have a glance at your resume.

How do you advertise your business or your services?

We advertise 90% of our business on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, WhatsApp, and Telegram and the rest is through ‘Word of Mouth’ and References.

If someone wants to avail your services how can they get in touch?

If you are a company/client looking to hire, please e-mail us at If you are a job seeker looking for employment, please email us at You can also connect with us on Instagram and Facebook.

Anything else that you would like to share with our readers?

The thought of searching for your next job opportunity or the next candidate for your company can be very overwhelming. There’s a lot of information out there that makes it impossible to know where to start.

Jobseekers: For an interview, before you meet your prospective employer, prepare yourself by developing your core strengths as an individual and the skill set required for the job you are applying for. During the interview focus on the positive traits that you have and introduce them as qualities that will benefit the company if they hire you. Always be confident.

Clients/Employers: If you are looking for a consultant, find the one that can become that trusted mentor that you can lean on throughout your candidate search process and helps you find the right candidate
for the job.

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