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‘100 Gigs Play for a Cause’: Mirchi’s musical venture into creating awareness around social and environment issues enters Limca Book of Records

Mumbai, 6th October 2021: A nationwide campaign by India’s no. 1 city-centric music and entertainment company Radio Mirchi, collaborated with artists and bands across 27 cities to address various social and environmental issues pertaining to those cities.

Talking of the initiative, Mirchi’s ‘100 Gigs play for a Cause Campaign’ aired 108 gigs at 108 different locations in India, the campaign aimed at creating awareness around city-specific social and environmental issues. The Local Train, Agnee, Parikrama, and Goshai gang among other popular bands performed on-board simultaneously in the event that witnessed 50,000 attendees across the country and reached 40 million impressions on Social media. 

Pooja Gulati, EVP and Sr. Director IP Solutions at Mirchi organized the 8 gigs that aired in Goa raising concerns over the one-time use of plastic. Eight Goan bands performed alongside in the country wide campaign. The campaign was recognized by the iconic Limca Book of Records 2021 and we at Goan Insider were glad to know about the musical campaign that happened in Goa and an environmental issue we all need to be worried about. Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Pooja Gulati. 

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Mirchi’s ‘100 gigs play for a cause’ was a successful musical event all over India, what was your strategy for executing the event in Goa? 

Mirchi’s strategy is always focused on delivering tailor-made brand solutions for its clients. We leverage our multi-local services and hyperlocal presence to execute such country-wide campaigns. For this campaign, ‘Play for a cause’, we identified socially or environmentally relevant across all cities, like Single-use plastic for Goa. For Goa, we then identified 8 different venues across north and south Goa that enjoyed a great footfall to reach. These venues helped us reach the maximum number of people and spread awareness about the cause. Our dedicated teamwork and coordination helped us successfully roll out a one-of-a-kind campaign, hosting 100 gigs across 27 cities simultaneously, therefore, curating the largest musical movement in India.

Pooja Gulati, EVP and Sr. Director IP Solutions at Mirchi

The campaign was aimed at creating awareness around social and environmental issues pertaining to each of the 27 cities, can you tell us about the social issue aimed at in Goa? 

Single-use plastic was identified as a very predominant cause to create awareness about, in Goa. We, therefore, dedicated the eight gigs to this cause.

Why was the one-time use of plastic a city-specific concern for Goa?

It is a globally known fact that non-biodegradable plastics pollute the ocean and are extremely harmful to marine life. The use of one-time plastic has been of deep concern in Goa as well, therefore, making it a significant issue to be talked about. Keeping these factors in mind our team came to a consensus about creating awareness about this cause in Goa and encouraging people to boycott the use of one-time plastic.

What do you think is the present scenario with the one-time use of plastic in Goa? 

With changing times and an increasing sense of responsibility among the citizens as well as the tourists there has been some improvement with regards to disposing plastics in and around water bodies. However, given that the issue has not been resolved completely and we still witness traces of plastic near the serene beaches of Goa there is a long way to go.  Although the authorities are invested in the cause by ensuring the prevention of the environment from any sort of harm and keeping the natural form of the beaches intact, reminders through such innovative and unique campaigns always help in driving the message loud and clear.

Which band performed the 8 gigs organized in Goa? How did you approach them? 

The eight bands included Madboy, True Blue, HEDSTOK, Tidal Wave, SYNDICATE, FOREFRONT, Lesle Lewis Live, and GoaTronikk-Edwin. We reached out to them through their managers and conveyed to them the importance of creating awareness around this cause. They were more than happy to lend a helping hand in the campaign.

How long was the event?

It was a one-day-long event. However, we began with creating noise around it across our on-air and digital media channels 10 days prior to the actual event date.

This campaign got listed in the Limca book of records 2021, how did Mirchi get there?

To register a record in the Limca Book of Records the process is initiated by interacting with the Limca Book of Records team to check if there is a pre-existing record similar to the one we aim to create or not. If not, then one can begin to prepare for the execution of our activity. In our case, the team asked us to submit supporting material inclusive of videos, photos with a date stamp, along with the signature of five witnesses present on-ground for each gig. The biggest challenge was to ensure that we conduct all the gigs at the same time across 100 different locations. To ensure we had enough support for a seamless execution, we built two central control rooms – one in Delhi and another one in Mumbai – and hired over 200 volunteers. Our team diligently collected and submitted all the proof documents required by the Limca Book of Records team to review our nomination, and after an in-depth review, the Limca Book of Records recognized our efforts and published our 100 Gigs Play for a Cause Campaign in its September 2021 edition.

Who conceptualized this event? 

Wavemaker and Mirchi conceptualized the event together.

How well do you think Mirchi has managed to bring awareness about the social issue through this campaign? 

Mirchi leveraged its creative might, sectoral expertise, and hyperlocal strength to roll out this large-scale campaign successfully. Mirchi RJs were present across all the events and actively shared stories on Instagram asking people to support the cause. Moreover, they also interacted with their audiences indulging in conversations about various social concerns. Through this campaign, we addressed 15 different social causes, witnessed over 50,000 attendees across the country, and garnered over 40 million impressions on social media.

Do you plan to collaborate in more such campaigns in the future? 

Absolutely, we would be happy to be associated with such initiatives and execute more such campaigns that target social issues that support the well-being of the public. Moreover, Mirchi also has existing IPs around sustainability like the Green Marathon which is carried out in 15 different cities to create awareness about sustainable living, and the Mirchi Tree Idiot―a plantation drive―that is focused on planting more trees across the country.

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