south goa garbage clean-up

A Group of Friends Decided to Voluntarily Clean Up a Hill Next to Their Old School in Goa

Why do we litter? It could be laziness and carelessness or maybe just the lack of access to trash cans. Litter causes pollution, kills wildlife, and facilitates the spread of diseases. Food wrappers littered into the environment are the hub for mosquitos, roaches, rats, and many other animals to breed and spread diseases either directly or indirectly to humans. In Goa, we have seen how people carelessly drop that cigarette bud on the street, a plastic bottle near some shrubs, and even beverage cans on the beach. During the monsoons, the rain carries this litter into local waterways which eventually end up in our oceans. We need to realize that litter just doesn’t disappear. It remains on the planet for good and hence segregation and recycling of waste is a must.

south goa garbage clean-up

Blake Noronha, Wenchesly Gray, Nathan Abranches, and Oshin Colaco from South Goa usually go to a hill next to their old school to either chill or work out or play frisbee. Although the hill is a beautiful place with a great sunset view, the hill along with its forest area was filled with a lot of trash. As the group explored higher, the junk kept increasing. According to them, the locals and kids in South Goa go there to have picnics and drink and end up throwing their waste around. They found a lot of Bottles, Plastic, Cigarette Butts, etc., and were shocked to find Bundles of Fibre Optic Cables embedded in the soil.

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south goa garbage clean-up

They knew they had to do something to preserve the place. They brought a few garbage bags and gloves, walked up the hill, collected and segregated all the waste they could find into 7 different bags. They are the perfect example of how ‘if we want to’, we can make a difference.

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