DoubleTree Hilton Goa

DoubleTree by Hilton in Panjim Goa Launched its First-Ever Mobile Food Kiosk called “DoubleTree Bites”

Now you might be wondering what a mobile food kiosk is right? A food kiosk is nothing but a food booth or a temporary food stand that is used to prepare and sell food. I’m sure you have seen these at your local malls, fests, or night markets in Goa.

DoubleTree Hilton Goa

On the 19th of May 2021, DoubleTree by Hilton situated in Panjim Goa Panaji launched its first-ever mobile food kiosk called ‘DoubleTree Bites’. These food kiosks are installed at different residential apartments in the neighborhood where the resort is located as well as beyond. The ones who have dined in or ordered from DoubleTree by Hilton are very well aware of the delicious spread they offer. Imagine experiencing at-home dining with the resort’s special gastronomical delights. The chef has put together some of the resort’s signature dishes and local favorites such as Kathi Rolls, Puffs, Samosa, Doughnuts, Muffins, and other bakery delicacies.

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DoubleTree Hilton Goa

The General Manager of the resort, ShivBose spoke to Goan Insider at the launch of DoubleTree Bites and this is what he had to say, “We are proud to
launch this initiative in the city. Over the years, the resort has amplified its dominance in the food and beverage space with our talented chefs who have tremendous experience and skill. With dine-in experiences in pause due to the pandemic, we wanted our guests to experience at-home dining and have the ease of buying these special gastronomical delights. We wish the well-being of all our guests and invite them to experience this kiosk in their society”.

The management of DoubleTree by Hilton is just a call away to set up their food kiosk at your home or society. Visit their Instagram account to get in touch as well as for other details.

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