Welcome to the Goan Collective

What is the Goan Collective?

The Goan Collective is a group of the finest entrepreneurs, business owners and creators from Goa. It’s a business networking group that aims to bring the entrepreneurial community closer through exclusive entrepreneur events and workshops.

Life as a business owner can be lonely sometimes, and the having a peer group to talk to and get supported by goes a long way in building a vibrant entrepreneurial community of Goa.

Join us here at the Goan Collective. Let’s support our fellow Goan Entrepreneurs.

Benefits of joining the Goan Collective

Business listing on Goan Insider

Get your business profile listed on Goan Collective. This listing will feature the top 50+ brands and businesses from your category from Goa. Get your own profile page where you can explain your products and services.

Be the top business on the listing page

Share your profile with people, get upvotes and rank on top of the list. Yes, no matter how big or small your business is, if people vote for you, you rank higher on the list.

Complimentary promotions on Goan Insider

Get free promotions worth more than ₹5000 on Goan Insider’s social media profiles. Goan Insider is one of the leading media brands of Goa and it can hugely increase the awareness of your brand.

Membership to the Goan Collective

Get an exclusive membership to the Goan Collective, a network connecting all the business owners from Goa. As part of the group you will be invited to various online and offline events that we would conduct as well as seminars and workshops. Meet your fellow creators and entrepreneurs in these events

Be a Founding Member of the Goan Collective

Join the early member program and be one of the few founding members of the Goan Collective

Get everything mentioned above for a limited time offer of ₹2500/year instead of the regular ₹5000/year.