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Success Gyan’s benevolent winner and health coach Warun Mehta opens up on his journey as a healer and the know-hows of a healthy lifestyle

In an initiative towards finding India’s next best speaker, Success Gyan hosted a reality show with over 75 speakers to inspire the Indian audience. Nutritionist and fitness coach Warun Mehta proved to be the ideal candidate deserving a cash prize of Rupees 1 Lakh

Having worked with people from all over the world and transforming their lives through fitness and nutrition, Warun Mehta from Goa’s Dona Paula will be entering the platform’s group of top-notch trainers in its offline and online events after an affluent win. Warun has devoted his life towards practising a healthy living and has made it his life’s mission to heal as many people as possible. Warun himself has battled life-threatening ailments and has given importance to an over all well being. With this incentive, Warun aspires to influence more people to be conscious about their bodies and take proper care of them. 

Success Gyan is one of the leading platforms for personal and professional development. Warun Mehta was the winner of their reality show Super Speaker giving him a boost for his career as an influencer. Warun will be joining India’s best coaching and training community with well established coaches like Rajiv Talreja, Siddharth Rajsekar, Surendran Jayasekar, Prachi Mayekar and Puja Puneet. On the finale night, the platform also announced the season two of their reality show which will be even more grander with high levels of competition. 

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We spoke to Warun about his journey so far and his goals for coming years. He gave us a lot of insights on our bodies and shared with us his wisdom through the years. His story is worth celebrating and here’s the inspiration we all need. 

You have been helping people achieve their health goals for over a decade, how did you begin and what was your motivation?  

I will answer this with my story –

Imagine a 4 year old little child – full of life and exuberance. All he wants to do is play and have fun. But instead, he has to endure the pain and trauma, over and over, of life threatening illness all through his formative years. At one point, the Doctors even gave up on him. But he miraculously survived. Growing up, this kid had many health complications, was slower and weaker than his peers, timid and pretty much kept to himself. He was often mocked and became a sitting duck for the bullies. Now imagine that same kid – all grown up – healthy, strong, confident. How did he turn it around? 

You see, about a decade ago, as an adult, he had yet another torturous episode of his health completely failing him.  This time when he woke up in a hospital bed, he found out that he just had a stroke. Not only that he was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, had IBD, Candida and PTSD, a mental disorder. That was the turning point of his life when he decided that he had had enough and finally woke up to what his body was trying to tell him time and time again. 

He firmly decided to master this area of his life and went on a decade long journey to heal himself – physically, emotionally, psychologically – whatever it took. And so he stepped into his Warrior mode,  scoured the planet for answers, sought out Healers and Masters, did a ton of courses, tried out many diets, fitness regimens, lifestyle hacks and what he learned over those years … Transformed his Health, his Body, his Life.

In the process, he found his reason for existence, his Calling – to help others heal and experience the joy of peak health.

This is my story and it fills me up with immense gratitude when I think about how my greatest struggle became my greatest blessing. I truly believe that the Universe always has a plan for us. All we have to do is answer its call. 

How do you think people should approach fitness and nutrition?

As a lifestyle and not something separate. If we really tune into the wisdom of our body, these things will come naturally to us. After all, our ancestors ate what nature provided and moved around a lot. This is what our DNA is used to.

I understand that with so much noise on social media and TV, people are confused about what to do and who to follow. My advice is if you are unsure of what to do in this aspect of your life, pick an expert that you vibe with and then go all the way with them. Don’t get distracted midway and contract the shiny object syndrome.

Tell us about the boot camps you run.

I do 3-day immersive Bootcamps for my community to break the myths that we are surrounded with, reset their health, rewire their minds and open them up to a whole new possibility in terms of longevity, healing, looking younger, getting fitter, feeling energetic and filled with vitality and joy. 

Graduates of the Bootcamp report that they’ve never felt the way they do after the boot camp and are filled with renewed hope and optimism. They are also equipped with the right knowledge and an arsenal of tools to master their health and their bodies for life.

The best part is that they get to be a part of a community from thereon that keeps furthering their journey for life. I find that to be a game-changer as people are often inspired by others and such supportive, caring communities play a very important part in their transformation. 

In these bootcamps, besides deep knowledge sessions and powerful insights, we also do live workouts with the participants to demonstrate correct form and explain the various kinds of workouts and their function. Not only that, we do a comprehensive, live nutrition and cooking re-education session which really is the core. I say that because we can tell people all day long about the changes they need to make in their kitchens but unless we demonstrate those live, even the best-intentioned folks will be lost.

I also run 3-month transformation challenges where the participants go on a virtual journey with me and each area of their life is transformed – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, their relationships and post that, they are well on their way to achieving Peak Health, the Body of their Dreams and Reversing their Biological Aging.

Where should people begin in order to achieve overall health?

Always, the mindset first. Believing that they can and will turn around their health, enjoy the body of their dreams and reverse their biological ageing. I go deep into the mindset of a Health Warrior in my Bootcamps as well as in the 3-month challenge.

Then they should be addressing their Primary Food – their core relationships, how meaningful their work is, what they derive true joy from, their spiritual connection and their movement routine. 

You have worked with people around the world and healed them in the process. Do you see any common habits in people that lead to poor health?


  1. Falling for quick fixes like some brews, powders and magic potions touted on social media as the panacea for a range of physical ailments. Our bodies don’t work like that. 
  2. Over reliance on popping pills (medication) – even at the slightest sign of a cough or fever, we prefer popping pills rather than focusing on getting our bodies back in balance.
  3. Not moving enough – unfortunately, there is no cure for that as we are not designed to be sedentary.
  4. Not listening to their bodies and heeding warning signs early on
  5. Getting seduced by fancy therapies, supplements and dietary and fitness fads rather than getting the basics right first.
  6. Chronic Stress – Stress is a part of life but as long as it is discharged, we are good to move on. But chronic stress is a silent killer.
  7. Not valuing adequate and quality sleep
  8. Not getting enough sun
  9. Not understanding their body type and nourishing their body based on that.
  10. Seeking health and nutritional advice from Doctors. Doctors are trained to save lives, not to treat lifestyle disorders or offer nutritional advice.

Do you believe in Ayurveda and other traditional systems of medicine?

Sure. But it’s important to note that each has its limitations. And any form of medicine, be it Ayurveda, homoeopathic or any other alternative medicine, should be seen, and consumed as, a medicine and not become part of life forever. They ought to be short term interventions and that too in extreme cases. Remember, medicines don’t heal, our bodies do. They just need to be provided with the right conditions to do so.

Our bodies are designed to extract what they require for optimum functioning from food that nature has evolved over 3 billion years of planetary existence. Food is information and our bodies understand that information. Medicine is another type of information that our body cannot work with over extended periods of time. 

And every action has a reaction. Action that is in alignment with Nature and the functioning of our bodies will produce a positive result and vice versa.

 According to you, how often should people exercise to remain fit and fiddle?

That depends on what we define as exercise and with what objective. For some people, any form of movement is exercise. For Health Warriors, intense workouts is what they would call exercise. For marathoners, it’s running at least 10 – 20km. Then there are people who just walk 45 minutes a day and are fit and fiddle.

We are all different and our exercise routines (just like our diets) should be designed keeping our bio-individuality in mind. That means we have to take into account an individual’s goals, their current lifestyle, their physical capabilities, genetics, medical history, body type etc. to design a movement routine for them. 

Personally, I like to keep moving all day (called NEAT – non-exercise activity thermogenesis) instead of just doing it in one burst and then sitting around the rest of the day. Our bodies are designed to move and not be sedentary. Besides that, I also do intense cardio twice a week, strength training 3 times a week and mobility routine, yoga and swimming once a week. I do so with the objective of keeping my heart strong, building cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, flexibility, injury prevention and sculpting an aesthetic body that can keep performing at the highest levels for a very, very long time.

What is your opinion on Yoga and meditation?

They are brilliant both for the body and the mind. I believe that both yoga (the asanas, the breathing, the wisdom, the way of life) and meditation are essential in our stressed-out lives to bring the body back to homeostasis. 

However, for me a complete body-mind wellness routine includes many more exercises like mobility, cardio and strength training as well as practices like subconscious reprogramming through affirmations, journaling and mindset training.

You recently won the first season of Super Speaker by Success Gyan, how did you develop that area of your life?

Now that I look back, my journey to Super Speaker began a long time ago. The first time I stepped on stage, I froze. It was Class 8 – all eyes peeled on me, about 300 people in the audience. And I blanked out. I looked at the audience in shame and they looked at me, getting uncomfortable. Somehow I mumbled the last few words and ran off stage. It was humiliating and I swore to never get on stage again.

But Life had other plans. The first spark in me lit up when I saw Tony Robbins, Marshall Sylver, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki on the same stage in 2005. I was floored by the way that Tony and Marshall touched people’s hearts and inspired them to be their best version. It occurred to me that if they can do it, so can I. But then Life happened and I put that on the back-burner. I kept attending self-development programs and seminars but I didn’t again entertain the thought that I should be on the stage doing what they are doing.

Perhaps it was stage fright that was stopping me. Or that I wanted to stay in my comfort zone. It was the decision to transition from one on one Health Coaching to one to many that changed the game for me. I was forced to step out of my comfort zone and hide behind my computer to face the world and deliver my message. When I began doing my live programs, I remember being very jittery. 

But my mentors made me see that it was because my attention was on how I was doing rather than on the audience and the value they were there for. So I decided to surrender to my purpose and become a channel for the divine to do its work through me. And I do that to this day. And I never forget I’m able to do what I do because I stand on the shoulders of giants who came before me. Just getting started. Looking forward to an amazing journey ahead working with world-class speakers and changing millions of lives. 

Warun Mehta Nutrition Goa

To what do you attribute this success and what role has a healthy lifestyle played in your achievements?

I attribute this success to the many self-development programs I have attended over the years, the many masters I have learned from and the Super Speaker journey which forced me to step out of my comfort zone and to keep getting better at every step of the way.  

Many years ago, I learned from Blair Singer that who you are speaks louder than what you say. Simply put, the messenger is more important than the message. I worked on myself relentlessly to be as authentic, vulnerable and as real as I could be. Super Speaker gave me the platform to showcase my own transformation that is now inspiring others. I am forever grateful for that.

A healthy lifestyle has a huge role to play in this victory. The long hours we had to put in, the grind, the mental pressure, the nerves – everything had to be overcome and I could do so because of all that time and energy I had invested over the years on my health and my body. A strong, healthy body houses a strong mind that is able to withstand enormous pressure. Observe how a sickly body will also not have the mental resilience to deal with the stresses of life (barring some exceptions).

Physiology has a massive part to play in a speaker’s life. A vast amount of energy comes from our emotions and when those emotions (Emotion – energy in motion) are channeled through plenty of movement and the right nourishment for the body, we can create magic. 

 Do you plan to be an influencer and encourage people more towards health and wellness?

Absolutely. I have a clear and grand vision for my life and now, a great platform to launch from. And I love my mission to help millions of people discover the strength and beauty their bodies are capable of and live a full, magnificent, joyful and youthful life of at least 100 years where they can check off every single adventure on their bucket list. This is my Soul’s calling. 

Those interested in participating in Success Gyan’s Super Speaker Season 2 can register at
https://superspeaker.com . The winner will get an opportunity to join Success Gyan’s iconic team of trainers and speak at world-class events. He/she will also win a generous cash prize of INR 10 lakhs

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