oipatrao goa clothing

Introducing Oipatrao, Goa’s Game Changer Minimalist Fashion Brand

Oipatrao is a Goan-based design collective that promote Goan culture through its trendy prints and designs. The brand focuses on creating relevant designs for Goans and finds its origin in the amalgamation of the Konkani and Portuguese language.

Oipatrao, a new-aged digital store is gaining popularity among the Goans with its simplistic designs that portray Goan Culture to its elements. Their designs express the local dialects, shops, cuisines and tourism in Goa. Oipatrao aims to encapture the Goan Vibe on the merchs they sell and recapitulate Goa for the world apart from its party culture and beaches. Goan culture is diverse and Oipatrao believes this needs to be rewritten. The clothing brand delivers all over India and with persistent efforts they have grown to become Goa’s one of the most loved brands. 

We at Goan Insider had a chance to get to know Oipatrao closely and we can say the enigmatic brand knows what they are doing. In our conversation with the founder, we discover the various perks of shopping from Oipatrao. Read more below.  

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What does ‘Oipatrao’ signify? Can you tell us a little about your brand? 

Oipatrao is an emotion which celebrates the union of two languages Konkani & Portuguese. It’s the first word you encounter when you visit Goa. This popularity of Goan culture and lifestyle gave birth to Oipatrao. It started just as an idea to provide quality designs and has now turned into one of the most loved design brands in Goa. 

oipatrao goa clothing

What sorts of designs do we get to see on your clothing brand?

Every state in India is different, having its own culture, subcultures, way of living etc which makes them unique. Our state, Goa which is known as the party capital of India, has so much to offer than just that. Our designs try to bring the local essence with Goan quirky words, slang, popular delicacies, fun, places of worship, beach and so much more. We want to make Goa something more than just beaches to the outside world.

How did ‘Oipatrao’ evolve over the years? 

Oipatrao was merely an idea a few years back when we began as a project in 2018, with Goan slang and minimal designs. We loved the response it got, but we were not able to dedicate time to it. But the zeel for creating something unique was always alive. We began again with new designers in the team. Everyone has their own way of looking at our beloved state, creating more unique designs. We evolved as a brand over time, with great emphasis on quality of material, colours, printing techniques etc.

How does ‘Oipatrao’ conceptualise a design? 

Oipatrao wants to bring Goa and its culture to the world, we brainstorm as many ideas which bring out its true essence. As all designs are made from scratch, our artists sketch out the whole process and add elements and life to it.

oipatrao goa clothing

Tell us about the kind of culture Oipatrao promotes.

Oipatrao, as we like to say is a design collective that promotes carefree, modern wearable and accessories inspired by Goa and Global Trends, having its roots deep in Portuguese culture, the beach lifestyle, contemporary fashion, and live music.

All your apparel is printed with Oeko-Tex certified ink. Take us through the  printing process. How do you ensure premium quality to customers? 

We have partnered up with the best apparel manufacturers and printers, we ensure that they create our products using only Oeko-tex certified ink which is like the gold standard in printing. All the apparel are thoroughly checked for flaws, and we ensure we provide 100% cotton, bio-washed and pre-shrunk clothing.

What are other merchandises Oipatrao deliver? 

We have many merchandises lined up, as of now we have provided our designs on tote bags and mobile covers. Soon we are introducing pillow covers, and over print clothing, and that’s just to name a few.

Where can our readers access Oipatrao’s collection? 

You can access and shop our designs on our newly launched website. Also check us out on Instagram.

oipatrao goa clothing

Does Oipatrao plan on opening more stores outside Goa? 

We actually do not have any physical stores, We believe in minimalism when the world now operates on the internet and online shopping. We do not really think there is a need for a physical store. Though we will provide our clothing to some top stores in Goa for people who still love the idea of holding the t-shirts in their hands before making the purchase.

What can our readers expect in coming years from Oipatrao?

Well, we are here to stay, and we are here to make the change, over time you will see more amazing, unique designs and ideas on merch. So follow us and watch out for the next big thing.

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