GoGlam90 Geeta Goa

The YouTube Spotlight with Geeta Hegde

GoGlam90 is a YouTube Channel started by Geeta Hegde which today, has over 62k+ subscribers and is within the niche of fashion and lifestyle.

India has seen a great digital and social media revolution ever since the Covid9 pandemic hit the country. In India alone, there were 448.0 million social media users in January 2021. This means that the number of social media users in India increased by 78 million (+21%) between 2020 and 2021, and we are sure that the numbers are only going up.

YouTube is currently the 2nd most visited site in the world with 37% of all mobile internet traffic belonging to YouTube alone. With the increase in YouTube traffic, the platform introduced YouTube Stories to create content that engages with your audience. As the platform grew steadily, YouTube became an online space where people would come to look for help, and thus content leaders emerged. With consistency and quality being their utmost priority, we have also seen that videos showcasing DIY creations, fashion, and lifestyle tips have been gaining a lot of popularity. But why are content creators giving so much importance to YouTube? This is because YouTube is the only platform where your content lives forever. You do not see people checking your content on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter that you posted weeks back. But with YouTube, a video you posted 2 years ago would still be getting views and engagement.

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Geeta Hegde is a Goa-based Youtuber and Instagrammer star who is best known for making vlogs about fashion and lifestyle. Ever since she started her YouTube channel GoGlam in 2016, Geeta has amassed over 62,000 subscribers and over a million video views. As a fashion and beauty specialist, Geeta’s video tutorials cover hair and makeup tricks as well as Indian-style lookbooks.

Goan Insider spoke with Geeta Hegde to learn about her YouTube experiences and the impact it’s had on her life. The excerpts are below.

Tell us a little about yourself and your YouTube channel.

My name is Geeta Hegde. I’m an engineer by profession but now a full-time content creator on YouTube. GoGlam90 is a YouTube channel that showcases content on makeup products, lookbooks, honest reviews, Indian jewelry and clothing brands, styling tips, vlogs that share the journey and things to do and places to visit.

When and Why did you start making YouTube videos?

I started making YouTube videos back in 2016. I always loved experimenting with products and creating makeup looks and thought to myself that I should share these looks and recommend these products to
others as well. I felt it might be of some help and hence started recording the videos of the looks which I would create and started sharing them on my YouTube channel.

GoGlam90 Geeta Goa

How did you first become interested in fashion and beauty?

I hardly knew anything about makeup. When I was a teen, I had this misconception that I shouldn’t be applying kajal as it will make my dark circles even darker. When I went to the USA for a trip, I happened to visit the Sephora store. I was awestruck and fascinated to see so many products. The next year when I flew to the USA again to visit my sister, I bought a couple of products from Sephora. Once I was home, I watched makeup tutorials on YouTube and learnt how to use those products. That’s how I
started developing an interest in creating makeup looks and recommending
products. Regarding fashion, I loved dressing up occasionally and one day I just randomly happened to put up a video that showed a couple of outfits that I had bought. It got a good response so I began to share more of such content.

Your Youtube channel has over 62,000 subscribers, with over a million video views. When you started out did you ever imagine your audience would become so large?

I didn’t expect this growth to happen. I actually remember the time when I had just hit 800 subscribers and my then-boyfriend and now husband surprised me by coming over to my house with a cake and a bottle of champagne to celebrate this small achievement of mine.

How would your followers describe your personality, sense of fashion, and lifestyle?

I think something which is practically possible to wear, elegant but simple styling that still makes you look classy.

GoGlam90 Geeta Goa

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or intimidated knowing so many people will see your videos or is it something you’ve grown used to?

I’ve never felt intimidated. In fact, I would want more people to see the content I curate as I feel it will help them in some way or the other.

How do you keep coming up with new ideas for your videos?

Well! That’s the fun thing about being a content creator. We are constantly thinking of how we can present things to the audience in a way that they will also try and enjoy it. There are so many occasions, from grand celebrations to casual outings, and people constantly need someone to suggest what to wear or where to buy from, or what would look good for weddings or for brunch. So I put myself in their shoes and accordingly curate content.

How did you promote your channel when you first started? What did you do to get so many subscribers?

I always worked on relevant topics which people wanted to watch, from reviewing products to styling an outfit. That’s when my friends and family started sharing the content on their Facebook groups and WhatsApp groups. This is how the audience grew as they liked the content which was put up.

GoGlam90 Geeta Goa

Who have you been inspired by to develop your YouTube channel? Who are your favourite vloggers?

I loved watching Kaushal beauty, Kathleen Lights, Jaclyn Hills & MostlySane. I learned a lot by viewing their content.

What’s the process involved in making one of your videos. Equipment, script, storyboard, scheduling etc?

Honestly, I have never scripted my videos. I would just sit in front of the camera, film the content and then later edit the video by myself and upload it. Now as I’m growing I have a small team that consists of a videographer/ photographer who shoots the content, an editor who works the magic on it, and a manager who helps in the storyboard, scripting, and scheduling of the content. It’s just a few people who come together with impromptu ideas and then accordingly source the location and shoot it.

What advice can you give to people who want to start vlogging but are shy to get infront of the camera?

Just Start! Don’t think a lot. Just be yourself and once you do a couple of videos, you will slowly get comfortable talking in front of the camera.

What advice would you give somebody wanting to start their own channel so as to help them create a popular channel with a good amount of subscribers?

  1. Be yourself, and do not copy others.
  2. Start it only if you are passionate about curating content otherwise in the long run you will tend to give up.
  3. Be consistent in curating content which not only you love but what others will also love watching.

Which videos of yours have gone viral or become popular? Is there one you are particularly proud of?

I had made a video that showcased outfits that I had purchased and it got
a really good response. The audience loved it. It’s the “Myntra Haul shot at The Awadh House.” The video that I’m proud of is, “Prints of India”. In that video, I have showcased the local artisans from across India who are into making material and outfits using the local techniques.

What opportunities have arisen from having a popular YouTube channel?

Opportunity to work with well-known brands and interacting with some lovely supportive audience and of course, giving this interview with Goan Insider.

Which are the brands you have worked with?

Lakme, Ponds, Maybelline, Loreal, Sugar, Colorbar, and many more. Also, a lot of Made In India brands.

Do you use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc to promote your YouTube channel? How successful has it been for you? Any advice on how people can use social media to promote themselves?

I use Instagram quite often which helps me interact with my audience and
YouTube helps me convey my love for beauty and clothing. If social media didn’t exist, none of the things which have happened in my life, right from being associated with big brands to being part of Instagram’s “BornOnInstagram” campaign, would have happened. As far as advising people on the usage of social platforms, I would say just be consistent with your content and be original.

What is the vision for your channel?

To make GoGlam a platform that can help beauty and fashion brands grow. I also want to make it a platform where I support the “Made in India” brands so that more people know about the products and the variety they offer.

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