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StyleOkraft: An Interview With Artist Seebhu Kapshikar

Art helps keeping the artists emotions alive in their creation and making it timeless. And artists keep pushing themselves to create something that people can relate to. They draw inspiration from various influences such as music, life events, nature, travel and so on.

Seebhu Kapshikar, the founder at Styleokraft does not work a normal 9 to 5 job. Every day is fun and new experience for him, more like a new adventure. Teaching art at one of the leading schools in Goa, he mentors students to be creative and not to ever let that creativity die. Being a multitasker, he is quite efficient at planning a lesson for his class while carrying out prop design and preparation for an event, with time to get some food into his system in the whole process.

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Apart from teaching art, Seebhu also loves learning and experiencing new art & craft forms. During the lockdown in 2020, he picked up crochet skills from his mother, learned resin art from a very good friend, started making miniature models after seeing videos on YouTube, made action movie props and the list goes on. At Goan Insider, we caught up with Seebhu Kapshikar to learn a little more about Styleokraft and his future plans with the brand. The excerpts of the conversation are below.

 What first got you interested in art?

Being born and brought up in Goa, I am closely connected to art & craft. Goa’s culture is so rich in different art forms that you would require a lifetime to experience everything.

styleOkraft entrepreneur Goa

How did you perfect your skills over the years?

My mother has played a very big role here. Every time I had any art & craft work at school, she used to be very excited to go and buy the materials for me. She would explain everything to me beforehand right from how to create the craft work, how to stick, what to use and what not to use. She would then eagerly wait for me to return home with the prepared craft work.

Unfortunately art & craft was a subject offered only until a certain grade, but my mother never gave up on me. She alway pushed me to participate in art competitions, craft workshops, various events involving craft and that imbibed in me the love for creativity. It started with me exploring various art & craft forms, trying different mediums and  practicing various techniques over the years. Lastly, believing in myself and learning from my mistakes has contributed to improving my skills.

What is the inspiration behind styleOkraft

The hardships that I went through as a beginner artist and a crafter, inspired me to do something for the art & craft community in Goa who are struggling to generate a livelihood through their passion. This is where styleOkraft comes into picture.

What kind of art pieces can one find at styleOkraft?

Handmade art & craft products created by the local community in Goa.

What has been your best work till date?

styleOkraft entrepreneur Goa
styleOkraft entrepreneur Goa

From where do you draw inspiration to create your art pieces?

I draw inspiration from various elements, like a simple wall texture I came across one day and incorporated it in my miniature village set up. Reading and researching about different techniques also helps in contributing to the process of inspiration.

How would you define beauty in 140 characters or less?

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. For someone beauty can be something that you see while for others beauty can be something that you feel. Human beings enjoy looking at aesthetically pleasing things, whether it is art, nature, or just other people. Our eyes are drawn to beauty, to the pleasing colours, lines, and shapes of the world around us, which in turn play a substantial role in igniting in us a vast array of feelings. For me, beauty exists when people are kind and show compassion or when I see something that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye like a piece of art or a food presentation.

Has Goa and its beauty ever inspired you to create something?

Goa has a rich art culture and it has inspired me to use natural materials to create my art & craft pieces.

styleOkraft entrepreneur Goa

What is your daily routine when working?

First half of my day is dedicated to my job. Once I am home from work, I normally start writing and collecting ideas for my next project. I also create a few rough sketches for the same. I frequently visit the art store to replenish my art and craft supplies and spend the rest of the day making products for styleOkraft.

What according to you, is still missing in the art community of Goa? Or How can the art community of Goa grow?  

It would start with recognition of local artists and crafters, choosing to support them instead of high end brands, paying them a fair commission for their effort and lastly motivating them to do more.

Tell us a little about the workshops you conduct and how can people attend them?

Our community members will be organising a number of workshops in future and the details of which will be posted on our website.

How can our readers stay connected with your brand?

Through our Instagram account and our website.

styleOkraft entrepreneur Goa

What is the next step for styleOkraft?

I believe, styleOkraft has taken the next step by launching our website which supports ‘go vocal for local’. We provide handmade artists and crafters an easy access platform to sell their products. We are also planning on starting free training workshops for artists and crafters who are highly talented but find it difficult to handle and manage the business online.

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