Sig&Sky Construction Goa

Sig & Sky Construction: Time Bound and Quality Construction in Goa

Sig & Sky Contruction started up in construction in 1996 with is headquarters in Goa. Time bound and quality construction has been their USP since their inception.

Sig & Sky Contruction is a reputed real estate company with core expertise in shaping customers lives with their bold and innovative approaches. Started in 1996 by business man Savio Telles, the company is headquartered in Goa. With over 50 projects completed in Goa, Savio Telles believed that doing what matters defined his intent with his brand. Time bound and quality construction has been their USP since their inception. No matter what stage of the project, the team at Sig & Sky are ready to add expertise and value every step of the way.

Sig & Sky Contruction as a company plans to expand their experience and footprint to continue creating places people want and care about, and providing value to their customers. Read about their story below.

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Tell us a little about the history of Sig & Sky Construction. When was the business chartered? 

We started up in construction in 1996. Initially, we just took up small jobs and then we got into a full fledged construction business in 1999. We initially  started up with small house projects, and later moved towards constructing bungalows, villas, buildings, renovating to give our customers place a better look. From exterior to interior, we look after all the needs of your home.

Run us through some of your best projects

We have build more than 50+ houses and about ⅞  of the buildings in North Goa including swimming pool projects.

Sig&Sky Construction Goa

How do you advertise your business?

Word of mouth has proved to be the best way for our business. We also give our a lot of business card and promote on social media platforms to bring in new customers.

How do you source the material for your work?

We work some of the best suppliers in the country and source everything from them.

What makes Sig & Sky Construction different from other real estate giants in Goa?

Our time bound and quality construction has helped us keep our customers happy.

Where does the inspiration for all your designs come from? Do you have an in house architect or interior designer?

We do frequent visits to foreign countries from where we get inspired a lot. Our engineers are also unique with their ideas. We design according to the costumers preference and sometimes the clients architect. 

Sig&Sky Construction Goa
Project in Saipem, Goa

What does Sig & Sky Construction’s do to ease the procedure for their customer’s purchase? 

We take over the entire project responsibility, right from registrations to project completion. We constantly overlook and follow-up to ensure that our clients have a hassle free experience.

What’s your company’s goals?

To be one of the top 10 companies in India!

How do you build a successful clientele?

We try our best to deliver on time fitting within the costumers budget.

Do you think Covid-19 has changed the way people invest in real estate?

Yes! It has slowed down the business of construction in a big way.

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