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Postcards: As Versatile As Your Imagination

Despite being visible to everyone, postcards are incredibly intimate, encapsulating the spirit of a place and the sender’s enthusiasm.

Nowadays, it’s far too simple to let convenience rule your life. The things we say are most important to us, like our loved ones, don’t seem to take up more of our time despite the fact that we rely on technology to make our lives easier. The gift of letter writing seems to have been lost among earlier generations. Even if sending an email or making a phone conversation can get your point across, they lack the intimacy of actually picking up a pen and writing down what you want to say. Though sending postcards may seem like a quaint pastime, it has a lot to teach us about the essence of our relationships.

The art of figuring out What type of design will you pick to send them? Will it be something whimsical or will you share an image from a vacation destination? Hmmm, seems tricky!

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Well, Postcards and Beyond has got you covered with a wide range of lovely selections to keep your mind captivated! In other words, helping you make Time and genuinely putting forth the Effort.

Goan Insider gets talking to Heena which sets out to reveal more about her amazing venture of Modern Sustainable Postcards.

How would you describe your Product?

My modern sustainable postcards are made of 100% recycled paper. It’s been a solo journey, by me, Heena since 2014. I am a self-taught photographer, an avid traveler and a sustainability enthusiast. I have also been writing postcards to strangers over the internet since 2014.

Heena Postcards Goa

For those who haven’t heard of the venture, what is the best way to describe Postcards by Heenas.in? 

Postcards are moments paused in time that are nice to share around, remind someone that you’re thinking of them and they might learn something from it. They are a great way to send a piece of yourself, to a loved one that’s miles across for just 15₹.

Why did you choose this concept? What was your Motivation to move from an idea to a business?

I won awards back in college for photography and with my roommates’ encouragement, I always wanted to do more with my photos. In 2014, when I started to exchange postcards, I barely found great ones to send out. I realized I had photos and so many more people needed postcards here. That’s how this business idea began, to serve my needs and other hobbyists.

How does the Postcard work?

Grab a postcard that captivates your eyes, add relevant stamps, write the correct address with the PIN code, share your message and drop it down a red post box! 

Run us through the exciting aspects of this product that makes it stand out.

One of the main things is that my postcards are made with 100% recycled paper. They are plastic free including the packaging and therefore sustainable. Over time they are unlike traditional postcards and have blank backs to encourage the user’s creativity.

Heena Postcards Goa

What gets you excited about this venture? And how has the journey been?

It allows me to talk to different people, learn something new and overcome challenges. I also get to share my travel stories and introduce something new to people around.

Living in a digital world, what has been Your greatest obstacle and achievement throughout this journey?

The greatest obstacle is impatience and certainty. With postcards, you really don’t know how long it will take to arrive, what condition it may arrive in and whether it will arrive or not. But in my opinion, that’s where this beauty lies. After all life is slow and uncertain eh?

And so, goes the saying, ‘Little Things Matter’, What do you feel about Postcards connecting people across the globe with one another?

I think of it, as a fantastic, barely any heavy on your pocket kind of way to communicate. I have more than 1000 postcards sent to me from random people. We have gone from exchanging postcards with little lavender stems stuck on them to exchanging presents like chocolates and books over birthdays!

How can people avail/ buy your product?

They can buy my postcards on heenas.in or find me at a local market.

Why do you think people should invest in postcards?

Postcards are a great way to remember good times or use it as a manifestation item which you see every day. When you get one from someone else, you might learn something new, maybe about the person who sent it to you, or a place or even an artist. 

Heena Postcards Goa

How has the response towards ‘Postcards by Heenas.in’ been so far? 

It’s been a sin curve. Some days are meh and I would question whether it’s worth continuing. I get my answer quite immediately as I get a new order notification right away. And then there are great days too!

Is this product available across the globe?

Yes! I ship the product worldwide.

What message would you want to share to our audience?

Pause, feel the moment and relish it.

How can our readers stay connected with you?

You can follow my work on my Instagram account heenas.in.

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