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Furry Tales and Tasty Treats at Sir Lancelot’s Kitchen

Sir Lancelot’s Kitchen is providing organic pet treats which are available in 8 different flavors: Chicken, Liver, Pumpkin, Beetroot, Zesty Chicken, Spinach, Sweet Potato & Carrot.

A good animal treat should not only be delicious and exciting, but healthy too. We all love to treat our furry friends, but making sure those treats are healthy and appropriate is a must. Every pet is different and has its own preferences when it comes to treats and with so many options at our disposal, it can be difficult to know if you are making the best choices for your pet. Good research and a switch towards organic options would be the best way to spoil your pests the way they deserve to be spoiled.

Opting for a healthier option for pets, Sir Lancelot’s Kitchen has created products that don’t have any preservatives, zero artificial flavors, and no added sugar. How did this idea come about? The owners Lenora and Nixon realized that there were no treats available in stores in Goa for their cat, Sir Lancelot once they moved back from Bangalore during the Covid19 pandemic. Hence, they decided to bake the treats themselves. They then decided to take it to other furry pets around Goa and received an overwhelming response. The treats are crisp and fresh when stored in an airtight container and have a shelf life of 90 days. If your furry friends are allergic to certain foods, they urge you to bring it to their notice to customize a flavor just for your pets.

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What makes them unique is that Sir Lancelot’s Kitchen also caters to your pet’s birthdays with customized cakes, brownies, and cupcakes. They have also introduced luxury toys for pets at pocket-friendly prices made from eco-friendly materials. At Goan Insider, we spoke to Lenora and Nixon to know about their plans with Sir Lancelot’s Kitchen. The excerpts of our conversation are below.

Tell us a little about yourselves and Sir Lancelot’s Kitchen.

I am Lenora Anne Macedo from Thivim. I love to pet dogs. Nixon John Dsouza is my partner from Mapusa who enjoys cycling. We love to dance and spend most of our evenings at the beach petting doggos!

Sir Lancelot’s Kitchen specializes in organic pet treats that have been approved by vets and nutritionists. These Treats contain zero additives, preservatives, or color. The treats are human-grade pet treats. We are based out of Mapusa. SLK is all about our fur-baby Sir Lancelot. The cutest black
cat you would have ever set your eyes on!

How did the idea for your business come about?

We have always been fond of animals. We currently have 6 dogs 2 cats. We also occasionally foster puppies. Wherever we go, we always have a couple of treats packed up for the doggies we find on our way. We started this venture in July 2020 after we drove down with Sir Lancelot from Bangalore. We always wanted to have a business of our own. What more could we ask for than having a full-time business associated with pets, something that we both truly enjoy doing as a couple.

Sir Lancelot's Kitchen Goa

What is the inspiration behind the name ‘Sir Lancelot’s Kitchen’?

Sir Lancelot, our baby cat who else! Jokes aside we opted for a brand name that we could connect to on a personal level.

What service(s) or product(s) do you offer? What makes them a unique or healthier option? 

We have organic, no preservatives and additives Pet treats which are available in 8 different flavors: Chicken, Liver, Pumpkin, Beetroot, Zesty Chicken, Spinach, Sweet Potato & Carrot. We bake cupcakes & cakes especially for dogs and cats that have pet-safe ingredients. A pet’s birthday should be all about them, they should be the ones who indulge on their birthdays.

We are also into accessories: bows, collars, nail clippers, lint rollers, bandanas, ties and toys like rope toys, chew toys, cute plush toys and much more. We keep adding new flavors and accessories to our catalogue.

Sir Lancelot's Kitchen Goa

How has the response been from the Goans?

What started as a hobby is now a full blow Business Plan! It’s heartwarming to even think of it, our clients have been so encouraging. The constructive feedback has really helped in boosting our morale and kept us going to keep improving and innovating. Honestly, get your pet these healthy treats you’ll find your answer!

What makes our brand unique from other pet brands in the state?

SLK is owned by Sir Lancelot, our cat himself! it can’t get more different than that! We will know the name of your pet, their favorite treat, their breed, and still won’t get the owner’s name. We take the pet industry to a whole new level! We have done Diwali and Christmas Hampers for
pets. Our prices are light on the pockets. We have set up our stall at 10 different popups since we started. We ensure that we are the face of our brand.

Do you deliver across Goa?

Yes, we deliver across Goa. We also have our products available in a couple of pet and grocery stores in Goa. Message us on WhatsApp or DM us on Instagram or Facebook to know how you can get your hands-on our products quickly and conveniently.

How did you generate ideas for the products?

We had to shift homes from Bangalore to Goa due to the lockdown, which meant bringing Sir Lancelot our cat too. There were no treats available in stores and hence we decided to bake them for him ourselves.

Did you face any challenges while setting up the business?

Organic pet treats are a new concept that’s starting in Goa. At the start, we had a tough time getting our idea across to people to choose a healthier option for their pets. After they saw the results they themselves are hooked on to SLK!

Why should anyone switch their pets to organic food instead of mass-produced retail?

Imagine eating Tin processed food your entire life. Hence we decided to offer them a healthier option. Something that is homemade with love.

Sir Lancelot's Kitchen Goa

Besides offering treats and toys, what are some other activities that SLK pursues?

We work closely with animal shelters and foster puppies and kittens to help find them forever homes.

How do you market your products and services?

Pop-ups! SLk is 6 months old and has done over 15 pop-ups. Come chat with us we’d love to get to know your pet! We are the face of our brand! We are more personal and attached to our clients.

How can pour readers stay connected with you and your brand?

You can follow us on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

What’s net for SLK?

A lot of milestones are planned for the future and a lot more assorted flavors will be added soon.

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