Feisty Lu Fashion Goa

Living The Vintage Dream with Feisty Lu in Goa

Insane, art, sustainable, handmade, luxe would be the right words to describe Lianne Texeira Singh’s sustainable fashion brand, Feisty Lu

Fashion trends don’t die. They just come back years later from their times. This means that what was once in fashion will definitely come back. So it is definitely wise to hold on to certain pieces from your closet or maybe don’t turn down those vintage jackets that your parents have passed down to you. Take for example vintage fashion trends. They have snuck their way into the desired fashion style by Gen Z, of course with a little modern touch and updated versions. If you open social media today or follow any famous trendsetter or fashion blogger, you will see most of them bringing back vintage fashion such as oversized colored sunglasses of the 70s, vests, denim jackets and even prairie dresses. This means that vintage fashion is making its way into our modern-day wardrobe.

Meet Lianne Texeira Singh, a filmmaker, writer, and artist who’s making it her goal to improve people’s relationships with vintage clothing with her sustainable fashion brand, Feisty Lu. Lianne’s interest in fashion began with 90s music videos and movies growing up. After watching pop culture media on tv, collecting fashion magazines, and trying to recreate looks, she managed to launch her chic line. Hot pink, classic black, a vintage 70s mood-board is how she describes Feisty Lu.

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At Goan Insider we caught up with Lianne to learn a little bit more about her brand Feisty Lu. The excerpts of our conversation are below.

What led to the start of  Feisty Lu? What is the inspiration behind the name?

Feisty is an interesting word as it’s usually a term to undermine women. Bossy, spunky, crazy… Feisty.. but I feel it comes from a bold and fierce place. I’ve been called it several times by family, friends even strangers but I always take it positively like yes, I’m feisty and your point is?

For a woman who’s independent and courageous to have an opinion, to say no, and to be able to put herself first I think that’s a great definition for my brand. Although it’s a name that was launched a few years ago, it’s more relevant now. Lulu is my childhood nickname, thus Feisty Lu came about!

Feisty Lu Fashion Goa

How would you describe the brand identity & overall design aesthetic?

Feisty Lu’s image in itself is a tell-all for its aesthetic. A mermaid sipping a cocktail on a beach. It’s evolving with trends, color palette, and design. Hot pink, classic black, a vintage 70s mood-board is how I would describe it.

Feisty Lu Fashion Goa

We love your hand-drawn graphics. Describe the design process from conception to realization.

The ready-to-wear collections are custom made for my online clients where we do ‘Drops’ a streetwear limited clothing release. I research and plan ideas either in my notebook or on my notes app. It could come from a film I saw or even a conversation with someone. So I take pictures, plan a color scheme, do rough sketches and go for it! It’s chaotic but amazing.

Tell us a little about the brands Vintage space

I carefully source all my pieces of vintage clothing. From corsets made in Paris to a vintage 90s Helmut Lang denim jacket, the process is wholesome when you find gems. Although these are valuable pieces, people sometimes are skeptical and not aware thus making our job tougher to communicate. Updating stories with brief explanations and references help customers understand better.

Feisty Lu Fashion Goa
Feisty Lu Fashion Goa

Tell us about your collection and the materials you use.

I use delicate fabrics, cotton, and denim. I deconstruct fabrics I save as well. I invest in vintage denim and customize them with themes for every collection. From chains, safety pins, embroidery, I use everything including decoupage to work on an art piece!

What are the brand’s main values?

Sisterhood, to be expressive and truly yourself!

What are 5 words to describe Feisty Lu?

Insane, art, sustainable, handmade, luxe!

Feisty Lu Fashion Goa

What can you offer the market that no one else can?

I can make you a custom denim jacket that you can pass down to your grandchild.

What is essential to starting a fashion brand?

To be shameless and fearless.

What are your sentiments about sustainable design?

It’s a long road ahead. Only when people change their mindsets the way they change their diets will sustainable living come to be. In India, people are yet to be open to the concept of thrift and sustainable wear. To them, it’s like secondhand and ‘used’ but it’s far from it. Apart from the fact that we should up-cycle and reuse clothes, supporting our artisans, using eco-friendly materials is imperative for our future!

Tell us your thoughts on “fast fashion” and “slow fashion”

Fast fashion is a disaster we are victims of. They feed off slow fashion businesses’ ideas and blatantly copy their designs to sell for cheaper. The worst part is customers support it by buying. Using polyester, underpaid labor, and plagiarising small brands is unethical. Unless people hold them accountable they will thrive.

I believe slow fashion not only gives you clothing that is bespoke but from each business, you support a family and receive a token of appreciation which is so special. 

Feisty Lu Fashion Goa
Feisty Lu Fashion Goa

How can we find or purchase your collection?

We have a small pop-up shop at Cafe Rasa in Panjim, Goa. You can customize your denim jacket or buy ready-to-wear pieces on our website or simply dm us at Feistylu on Instagram.

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