Gaurav Gurbaxani Goa Entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Marketing From Gaurav Gurbaxani, The Founder of DigitalMarket, An Online Platform For Upscaling Your Business

Gaurav Gurbaxani is an affluent entrepreneur from Pune who has always encouraged businesses to go online and saw early potential in the Digital world. Gaurav began at the startling age of 14 and soon ventured into opening his own marketing agency.

Gaurav’s journey has been inspiring for all, he was among the few entrepreneurs who realized the power of the internet and its growing potential. After having studied hotel management his obsession with the internet made him quit his first job. He helped local clients in setting up their businesses online and soon began his entrepreneurial journey by launching his own marketing agency in 2018. By the age of 26, Gaurav had already sold his first company to an American Investor. He’s among the founding members of Digital Marketer’s Alliance and he continues to provide business tools and solutions for nascent companies.

DigitalMarket provides online solutions and services for expanding small businesses into the digital world where there is a higher reach and reward. Being the founder, Gaurav has had international clients who seek marketing aid and trust him for all their outsourcing needs. Today, DigitalMarket has more than 2000 members along with mentoring programs run by Gaurav himself. He conducts webinars and works in an environment he has created for freelancers and marketers. 

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Here’s a snippet from our interview with Gaurav Gurbaxani. He talks about his own journey as an entrepreneur and here’s what he thinks every budding entrepreneur should know.

What was the key driving force in becoming an entrepreneur?

Being the youngest of 3 siblings I always had a do it yourself approach. Learn young and try to always do a better job. Having a rather aggressive boss early on repulsed me from wanting to work for someone else. I always had an entrepreneurial mindset and so did most of my friends. Conversations led to ideas and I love taking action.

How did the idea of come about?

We live in the digital age where every business has to market itself to survive. Digital Market was born with the idea that you can be anywhere promoting your business anytime with anyone. There are so many markets like the stock market, crypto market but for me, it’s always been Digital.

 Initially, how did you convince businesses to go online?

Initially, it was all about websites. Most businesses felt that it was important to have a website. Once that was done, they realized they needed to market it on Google and other Social Media. One thing led to another, and sooner than we knew it, we were a full blown typical offline agency. Businesses that were smart to adapt to digital saw results and it was the good old word of mouth that kept us going.

What business-related book has inspired you the most?

The four-hour workweek continues to be my bible. Today in the gig economy, you choose how much you would like to earn, where you would like to live and how you plan to spend your day. Work-life balance, outsourcing and the gig economy is what I am invested in, thanks to this book.

You offer a mentorship program for freelancers, what has that told you about the budding entrepreneurs in India?

It told me what we already know that Indians are great entrepreneurs, especially globally. It’s also taught me that there are eager and driven people all across our country with the similar goal, to succeed online. I’m really happy that people are investing by learning, doing classes, watching YOUTUBE videos and networking with like-minded people.

Switching from a hotel management degree to starting your own marketing agency, what kept you motivated in taking high risks?

It was actually quite a low-risk proposition for me back in the day. Single, living in Mumbai with friends, earning an average salary, I did not have much to sacrifice. I am super grateful that I started young and stuck to what I have been doing ever since.

How did you raise funding for your venture?

For me, the only types of funds I raise are from existing customers. People who have worked with us, are aligned with our mission and add value to the organization as a whole. When I started my business it was with my dad, we worked together. I learnt the ropes and made great contacts and then it was time for him to move towards his retired dream life. For me, I found a great partner who met all my requirements and the saying goes, the rest is history.

What kind of culture exists in your organization, how did you as a founding member establish it?

It’s a very chilled entrepreneurial vibe. We never hire full time employees and basically people get paid for the work they do. We encourage collaboration and building teams with one another. Doing business together, learning from each other, keeping up values and realizing that we can do so much more than we can alone.

How has your experience been as a spokesperson in webinars?

Amazing, it’s thrilling. It’s an opportunity to present yourself, teach others and make sales all at the same time. I find having a global reach and this kind of engagement fascinating. It’s when I feel most alive.

Gaurav Gurbaxani Goa Entrepreneur

What other activities do you indulge in, to remain productive?

I have a vision board which I start my day with on most days. I set meetings for a max time of 15 mins. I like to share screens and get to the point. I love working with teams, ensuring that everyone is on the same page, and ensuring people know exactly what they need to be working on. Things should be done quickly, and for me always Version 1 is better than Version none.

Your coming years, what are they going to be about?

I think for me digital marketing has always been my bread and butter, my comfort zone and my core expertise. Using these skills, I want to invest in resorts and help people achieve the same digital nomad lifestyle I live.

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