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Interactive Online Art Classes for Kids in Goa with Siddhi Naik

Get your kids enrolled for interactive online art classes with Siddhi Naik from Goa

With children now being at home longer than they used to be, along with their online academic classes, homeschooling is becoming a slowly growing trend in Goa. However, homeschooling is exhausting and can get frustrating especially when you have a lot of work to complete yourself. Hence, online classes for kids are slowly picking up in Goa and are turning out to be quite productive. I mean parents do not have much of a choice now with schools closed with the ongoing pandemic.

Siddhi Naik, an outgoing and enthusiastic art teacher from Goa has launched her online art classes for kids to enhance their creative process.  Her interactive step-by-step methods will delight your child and get them to draw some beautiful artworks in no time. Siddhi has designed the course with the aim to equip Goan children with the tools they need to begin their artistic journey through self-expression and creative thinking.

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She has been honored by CSMVS Museum (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya), formerly known as Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai in May, and was invited for an online art session for children conducted by them. To learn more about Siddhi’s online art classes, her journey with art, and how to enroll in the classes, read our conversation with her below.

What got you interested in art? Have you completed any degree?

I recall scribblings on walls using roof tiles and charcoal while I was just 3! Growing up, nature and people have always inspired me to paint. I used to make funny caricatures of people. I feel connected with village life as I get to be with nature. This is what got me interested in painting.

I underwent training in Fine Arts and learned under various Indian and International artists who used to visit Goa. I always excelled in my studies topping MBA but I always had a wish to pursue a Fine Arts degree. Due to many ups and downs, I had to choose Management. Ultimately, an artist’s passion for art always remains. I look forward to soon pursuing my passion and love for art professionally with a Fine Arts degree along with my work.

As an artist, what art do you create? What is/are your favorite medium(s)?

I do a lot of landscape paintings, creative portraits, wall murals, caricatures, object 3D drawings, design, illustrations, and so on. I have worked from crayons to oil to water to the poster and fabric colors too. My Favourite is the watercolor medium as it allows me to mix colors and watch them merge on paper. I get immense happiness to see the effect of wet on the wet technique of watercolors. 

kids art class goa

What is your earliest memory of being an artist?

I am quite young still haha! The earliest memory that I can recall would be scribbling on walls with roof tiles and charcoal and then getting beaten up for doing so. I also painted my friend’s face in glitter when I was in 1st standard and got punished for it too. An artist has a lot of life experiences that have taught them over the years and I am still holding on to that strongly.

Tell us about the online classes that you are going to start conducting. What will those who enroll for the classes learn?

I have conducted one-day workshops in Goa that had created a buzz over the concept of child’s mind development through art and the idea to bring art, music, and dance under one roof. For my online classes, right from the foundation, all aspects, fundamentals, and techniques will be covered while a child uses his/her own style to be creative using techniques that I’ll be teaching them. I will be teaching things like light, shadow, tonal effects, layers, various mediums, and how to develop their own idea. The goal is to show kids how they can be creative by using their own imagination.

kids art class goa

What makes you want to work with children?

I am a friendly and extroverted person. I just love children! Every child feels dawn to me for some reason. Maybe it might be because I have grown up in a joint family having many cousins and people around. So I am easily able to establish a sense of connection. Children will get an opportunity to interact with me during the online classes while I teach them drawing and painting. They can ask questions, speak with me freely and show me their artworks. I am very excited that I am helping young minds shape their creativity. 

How can our readers stay connected with you and enroll for your classes?

Connect with on my Instagram account to sign up.

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