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How Rohit Ramdas is Making Dance and Fitness Fun

Rohit Ramdas is a young and promising dancer, and choreographer from Goa who is the founder of BollySwag Goa. He is also the Group Fitness Instructor at Desi DX-Aerobic based Fitness program.

Goa is a land of highly talented and artistic people with a rich cultural synthesis blending east and west creatively. In addition to classical dance, different forms of music and dance have evolved. Music is deeply entrenched in Goan culture & Urban Goa has adapted to modern and popular music and dance styles. While staying indoors, what better way to pass the time than staying active and getting an amazing cardio workout.

Goans are increasingly aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and a fit body. Rohit Ramdas, a young and promising dancer, and choreographer is bringing this dance and fitness culture from the metro cities to Goa, as he believes choreography does not receive the kind of attention and appreciation it deserves. He is the founder of BollySwag Goa and a Group Fitness Instructor at Desi DX-Aerobic-based Fitness program. His motto is fitness with entertainment.

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At Goan Insider we spoke to Rohit to learn about his journey. The excerpts of our conversation are below.

Tell us about Desi DX & how is it different from other dance programs?

Desi Dance Exercise is completely different from Dance Aerobics or other programs. It’s more energetic and an entertaining dance fitness program fused with International and Indian dance styles wherein you’ll witness styles like Bhangra, Garba, Hip-Hop, Retro, Rock and Roll (we have more Indian flavors in it). It provides full body rhythmic, large muscle movements that will help you achieve a unique blend of cardio and muscle toning benefits

What kind of certifications should one aspire for when it comes to being a dance instructor?

According to me there is no such certification, it’s all your learning process and proper techniques. But yes, you need to learn the precise technique. 

During the lockdown & closure of fitness centers/gyms, how did you keep yourself motivated?

I believe the lockdown helped most of us in exploring ourselves. I explored my hobbies & passion apart from fitness as that wasn’t an option.

Rohit Dancer Goa

You are also a choreographer for events & workshops. Your journey started after you finished college, has dance always been your passion or an incident made you gain interest? If yes, please describe that incident.

I have always been asked this and I love answering this question. I used to dance since my school days but never got an opportunity to be in front as I had a phobia of the stage and performing in front of people but later in high school my teachers motivated me, pushed me in the right direction and here I am. But to be more specific, there’s no single incident, it has always been my passion. 

What does a typical working day look like for you?

I enjoy the simple things in life. I love making videos, so most of the time I shoot something or the other. I like to constantly stay on my toes. I do whatever makes me happy. I find happiness in simple things. 

How supportive was your family when you told them about your plans to take up dancing as your full-time career?

Like most of the Indian middle-class families, initial days are tough if you plan to pursue an unconventional career.

It took me years to prove it to them that dancing can be a legitimate career choice.At the end you need to enjoy whatever you do. My friends were quick in buying big things for themselves. It took me some time to do that. That’s the only difference. 

How is the response of Goans towards Desi DX?

It’s growing and I have no doubt it will surely reach heights 

Rohit Dancer Goa

When you say you plan to bring the dance culture from metro cities to Goa, what do you think Goa can expect? Please elaborate more on your plans & the difference in the dance culture of metro cities vs. non-metros.

There’s a lot of difference. Frankly there’s lot of discrimination present. If one doesn’t know the method, you need to teach and support them till they get it, which I don’t see here. I think, what I have in mind to bring to Goa has already started but I haven’t seen much response to that. And why is that you might ask! Here desk jobs are given more importance. People who earn a living through passion are not thought of, as equals, which isn’t the case in metro cities. 

As you mentioned, people indulge in dance for entertainment, we can see a lot of people participating in dance fitness activities. In your opinion, can dancing fulfill the exercise needs of a human body like any other fitness routine? 

Of course, it does but it also depends on what your goals are. Dance is something which everyone enjoys, not all people who come to us for Desi Dx are dancers, a lot of them like to stay fit and also like to dance & have fun. Like I said, its important to enjoy what you do. 

Rohit Dancer Goa

Lastly, what would you like to suggest to the young talent reading your interview? How can one start with their career on this path?

They can learn from mistakes committed by their seniors in this industry (there can be many) and ask them questions. Following your passion is a risk till you achieve something but once you do, it is like a dream come true. So, keep learning, stay humble, stay grounded. 

How can our readers stay connected with you as well as your brand?

I’m active on Social media and I use Instagram to connect with people. I upload videos about Desi Dx and Choreography sessions on my Instagram account.

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