Party Hunt App Goa

Party Hunt: Make The Best Memories in Goa

And Just like Pokémon Go, it is time to set on a journey to hunt for exciting Parties in a night-life state like Goa with an astonishing app called ‘Party Hunt’, exclusively created just for the Party Freaks possessing mind-blowing yet easy to use features.

In a Craving mood to party in Goa with your folks either on a weekend or on your most awaited day off, but have not one clue where to head to? You pick up your phone to hunt through Social Media to see where the rest of the world is headed to party, just so you can judge places and decide where to go which ultimately takes hours of continuous searching. Why waste your precious time when you can just save yourself the trouble by just one click away? Yes! It is possible. Presenting before you an app that has over 1000+ listed party spots and a lot more to offer.

‘Party Hunt’, an app flooded with information to discover locations of various Gigs, Raves, Clubbing including After Parties at any time of the day! This app allows Partygoers to discover the best parties, Organizers to promote music events and which also allows you to Connect with your favorite Artists and venues. 

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Goan Insider gets talking to Rachit Rawat and the Party Hunt team, that sets out to reveal more about their amazing venture.

A brief intro about your company? And briefly mention information about the owners/working team.

The Party Hunt mobile app combines a digital marketplace with social networking tools. It allows users to easily discover nearby parties, organizers to promote music events and artists to book performances.

Launched in Goa in October of 2018, Party Hunt is an app designed to help you find live music events as well as get your own events found. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, venue host, or musician in Goa, this app was made with you in mind. Rachit Rawat has been a skilled programmer since he was 10 years old. He graduated from IIT-Allahabad in 2014 with a bachelor’s in Information Technology. He has worked in multiple tech startups as a mobile app developer. With his love for coding, entrepreneurship, music, and community building, he is nurturing the idea from inception into a growing company. 

The multinational team consists of dynamic young professionals working remotely. We share a passion for music, dance and community development. 

Party Hunt App Goa

For those who haven’t heard of the business, what is the best way to describe Party Hunt?

‘Party Hunt’ is an app designed for music lovers. It is not like any other app that lists events, it’s for a niche audience – people who understand that music is much more than having a good time and know it is something that can bring the most exciting experience of their lifetime. So the app will essentially assist such people in finding or offering the right gigs. 

Where are you based?

We are based in a little music village of North Goa, Arambol.

Why did you choose this concept and what was your motivation to move from an idea to a business?

As a global party destination, the biggest question for travelers in Goa- India is “Where’s the party?”. Being part of the global music community, we decided to bridge this huge market gap. With our founder’s IT skills & the team’s passion for music, Party Hunt is successfully revolutionizing the music event industry in Goa.

Music connects people and events bring people together. Thus, a social network platform built around music events will have the most in-person social interactions as compared to any other virtual social network.

When did you establish the business? How has the journey been?

Party Hunt was established in 2018, Journey so far has been with quite a few ups and downs due to the current situation. Covid has hugely affected the inflow of tourists from parts of India, impacting the event industry and tourism of Goa, which is directly related to our business. 

There has been uncertainty and confusion about how the season would turn out for Goa. Despite the challenges, we have had our highest user growth and most profitable year in 2021, during covid. As remote work has been standardized, it is easier for professionals to relocate to travel destinations. After covid lockdowns were lifted, the travel & event industry saw an upsurge, resulting in more travelers and parties than ever before.

Your brand name seems to be very catchy, what is the aim and objective behind it?

Party Hunt as a unique and catchy name also has a very interesting story behind how the name came to its origin. Five years ago, when the company didn’t exist and Rachit had just moved to Goa, he attended a lot of parties, with no method to search for parties nor the knowledge of where could he find exciting events. He used his instincts and hearing aid to listen closely, where the sound of music came from, or where the party was unfolding. This gave him a very raw feeling of hunting for a party such as how you would do in the early human era. This feeling of hunting for a party turned into “hunt” and thus the name originated ‘Party Hunt’. Through Party Hunt, you can hunt for the best parties happening in Goa and join your tribe of party hunters.

Run us through the exciting features this app includes that will encourage our audience to use this platform?

There are numerous exciting features that help our audiences connect with our platform. We provide an event calendar through which you can easily plan your vacations and weekends. Personalized filters make it easy for our users to choose from several options and lookup for the event that best suits them. The app also includes a party map through which you can map out the areas throughout Goa where most events are happening. After you’ve decided on the venue, our app provides you with additional information about the venue in detail. 

We also provide a premium underground subscription through which you can access a curated list of events and most happening parties around Goa. 

This video explains how does Party Hunt work

What gets you excited about this company? And what keeps you going?

The most exciting drive that runs this idea comes from my passion for music and dance, through which I was able to build this company into a community that shares the same passion. Our vision is to create a globally diverse community that makes everyone connect through dance and music. 

What differentiates Party Hunt from other similar platforms? Please describe in detail

Unlike our competitors, we focus on the niche of music events, thus we have a target audience with a higher conversion rate for party organizers. Competitors in the music event industry are only focused on mega-events. We also provide exposure to small-medium events (95% of all music events), thus having higher user retention.

Your greatest obstacle and achievement throughout this journey?

My greatest challenge throughout this journey has been the uncertainty covid crisis has brought upon the future of larger gatherings and events. We’ve been able to battle it on and off but the faint unpredictability still remains about what would happen next.

On the bright side, when you build something with all your heart and soul, the biggest compliment or achievement comes when one of your app users recommends the application to you for the reason you’ve built it for. It is the proudest and happiest moment one can come across. 

What does Party Hunt do to protect users?

We take the security of our users’ data very seriously for which we have regular security checks on our back end and database. We don’t allow any third-party ads on our platform. So, the data is secured with us and cannot be misused. 

We also comply with GDPR guidelines strictly. We allow our users to retrieve data or delete their personal data on demand.

How would Party Hunt benefit the Goan audience in particular?

Goa’s economy is based on tourism, most of the revenue generated and jobs provided are from the travel industry. The travel industry here in Goa is co-related to the event industry entirely, by combining both we are contributing to booming the local tourism and economy.

Where can people download the app from? Is it available for all gadgets?

You can download the app on both app store for iOS users and google play store for Android users. It’s available for all types of mobile devices.

Android: Party Hunt

iOS: Party Hunt

How has the response towards Party Hunt been so far?

We have just crossed 100,000+ users and grown into a large community of music lovers. Our users have shown us immense love so far, by supporting us throughout this journey. They have been loving our services as our app is one of its kind and shared it with their friends as it is a community-based product. Our users have had the best experiences as shared with us over our social media from time to time with heartwarming stories.

Are there any new interesting features coming up in the future that you would like to share?

We are building our product based on our user feedback and features demanded by our customers. So, we have a lot of exciting features in the pipeline like ticketing which would let our users book their event at discounted prices. We also plan to expand in multiple metro cities soon.

 How could our readers reach out to you?

You can reach us on Facebook and Instagram.

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