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The Musically Driven Meenoshka Dias from Goa

Meenoshka Dias is a versatile vocalist from Merces, Goa. She is not only a trained western vocalist, but also a well known Fadista and Mando singer in Goa.

Be your own artist, and always be confident in what you’re doing. If you’re not going to be confident, you might as well not be doing it.

Aretha Franklin

We hear of many women artists making a long career in music. We have seen Grammy award winners such as Alison Krauss, Beyoncé, Aretha Franklin, Adele and many more change the direction of the music industry and inspire many young women to make a career in music. 

To see women shine and represent change in the music industry is becoming a more universal notion with each passing day. This is not possible without women coming out to make that representation. Artists like Meenoshka Dias from Goa have been inspiring young women to embrace a career in music. With her vast experience in singing, fados and mando, she is one of the most versatile and accomplished artists in Goa for her age. She has learned the art of juggling a day job in architecture with her passion for music and performance. 

Coming from a state where music flows through the blood of it’s people, this is one artist feature we had to cover. At Goan Insider we spoke to Meenoshka Dias on her journey in music so far. The excerpts of our conversation are below. 

What got you into music? Did you undergo any training?

I’ve been singing as a child, and being in my parish choir got me started. I had a natural inclination towards music and  began learning the piano and singing at the age of seven.

When was the exact first moment you realised that you wanted to make a career  in music?

I answered my grades in vocals and performed parallelly with academics, while I pursued a degree in  Architecture. Both being creative and equally time demanding fields, it was quite the challenge, but exciting nonetheless. I decided to pursue music as a part of my career in my third year of architecture school.

Who have been your greatest inspirations in music?

There are so many people, to be honest. I listen to various genres spanning the years and have been fond of many artists. But the ones that inspired me were Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Alicia Keys.

When and how did you get into performing Fado? How has the experience been?

My fado journey began as a participant in a portuguese singing competition. I didn’t know that my selections happened to be fados at the time. Sonia Shirsat, a renowned Fadista from Goa encouraged many young singers including me to learn about, sing and perform Fados.

Fado by Meenoshka Dias

When did you join your current band ‘The Aces’? How has the journey been so far? 

I’ve performed with and alongside bands since 2013, but joined ‘The Aces’ in 2016. The experience has been amazing and the band members are talented and more importantly, really nice people. Being in this band, I not only got a chance to experiment with various styles as a singer, but also explore management. The Aces have been a much needed breath of fresh air.

Aces Band Music Goa
Meenoshka Dias with ‘The Aces’

Could you tell us a little about the ‘Mando Festival’ in Goa and your involvement in them?  

My first stage performance in front of a large audience was at a mando festival. The All Goa Mando Festivals have been platforms to keep the ‘Goan Mando’ alive. Various groups from all over the state compete in various categories, traditional, original, dance, etc. I’ve been singing  mandos since I was 8, and have been training and leading young children  to sing and perform for these festivals.

How many gigs have you completed? Tell us about a fond memory from one of these gigs.

Between the band, solo gigs, duo gigs and other collaborations it’s really hard to keep track, but then again, who’s counting. I enjoy every gig, but there is one that stands out. It was one of my first season gigs, at a Food and Music festival. I was a little overwhelmed with the vastness of the stage, the lights and the insane amount of crowd  watching. But suddenly I felt this rush, where I grabbed my mic off the stand, climbed down the band stage while singing, and walked towards the end of the ramp, taking it all in. My anxiety was gone, and there was no stopping since then.

How are you adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic? Do you do virtual performances?

The pandemic has affected the pace of all our activities, music and otherwise. I share content on social media, and have been working towards virtual performances.  

Can you describe/outline your typical day?

My day usually begins with a short workout (in my freshly put together terrace home gym), after which I get ready and I’m off to my architecture work. I’m mostly working on my laptop, but the occasional site visits are fun. I return home for lunch and then start my online vocal lessons for children and adults. When I’m not working, I usually rehearse or learn new things or record songs at home. I’m a fairly social person, but the pandemic has affected that a great deal. Now my day typically ends with a walk, and maybe watching some Netflix.

What are your favourite music genres? Have you released any music in them? 

I listen to almost everything but I perform Pop, Rock, Jazz, Country, Goan Folk and Portuguese Fado. I haven’t released any music in them yet. 

Who are your competitors and how are you better/unique from them?

I strongly believe that everyone is unique in their own skills and styles. I don’t really consider anyone as a competitor. I focus more on being better than the musician I was yesterday, and that I guess sets me apart.

Not necessarily monetary, how have the rewards been so far in this career?

Monetarily, the rewards have been good, some instances much better than the others. But the sheer joy that music brings every time is precious.

Meenoshka Dias Music Goa
Meenoshka Dias at a gig in Goa

How has the support been from industry peer’s? 

Many close fellow musicians have been very encouraging and always ready to help. I get along with people of different age groups, and the experienced ones have been extremely guiding.

What’s the one piece of advice you would like to give to an upcoming artist?

Be yourself. That is something I tell everyone, including  my students. Your inner self will always shine through.

What’s coming up for you down the road?

The pandemic has taught me that we cannot really predict  what’s coming. I’m  learning new things, developing new skills, writing songs and opening up to collaborations.

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