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Goa, the land of sun, sand and music never surprises us with its talent. Be it Goans making and producing music, to visitors using Goa as their inspiration for songs and music videos, Goa has it all. At Goan Insider, we love discovering music from Goa. Below are a few artists who caught our attention. Enjoy!

Jaden Maskie – Miracle

Skeletron, Tsumyoki & Elttwo – Run Around Town

Amod Mardolkar Productions – Chedva ft. Mark Revlon

Keith Kevin – Wonders of Life

Gwen Fernandes – Overjoyed (Stevie Wonder Cover)

Zander – Revolution (feat. WAHYA)

General Zooz & DJ Astro Black – Island Queen

Impromptu – Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen Cover)

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