Emcee Shailesh Rajput Goa

Meet Goa’s Eccentric Emcee Shailesh Rajput Who’s Steering Excitement Into The Crowd With His Indomitable Skills

Living by the motto ‘Stay young, keep having fun’ Shailesh Rajput a BBA graduate found his passion in public speaking and hosting events. Shailesh is a top-notch emcee characterised by his zestful and exuberant stage skills

Shailesh is here to defy the idea that your passion cannot be your profession. Having discovered his potent skills at an early age, Shailesh began his career as a public speaker by hosting college fests, destination weddings, birthday parties and corporate events. On having a conversation with Shailesh, he mentions how satisfying it is to watch people have fun and contribute to the vibe. Impassioned by the idea of being an emcee, Shailesh today is a professional speaker and he attributes his success to the faith he had in himself during those crucial years of practice.

Currently, Shailesh aspires to host more EDM parties in and around Goa. His stage presence is highly anticipated and he’s known for his ability to stir the moods of his audience and create a lively evening for all. Being a self-taught emcee, in this interview, Shailesh uncovers a few secrets to his vibrant stage skill. We connect the dots to his childhood and take a closer look at his profession. 

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Here’s Shailesh in his own words.

How did you discover the voice you had for a stage? 

I didn’t, my mentor Sir Allan Pinto did. So I was what you would consider a regular guy dreaming of a regular job, but my mentor saw the potential in me and made me host a couple of events and convinced me that I’ve got what it takes to be a professional MC.

Did you undergo training for Emceeing? 

I did not take up any classes. Just watched a few shows and videos of my mentor and other MCs and just rehearsed before every show to craft my skill and get good at it.

What keeps your confidence levels so high? 

It’s the people in the crowd, their reaction, and their feedback that I get after almost every show, of what a great job I did. That is what keeps me going. The fact that I can go up there on stage and make people have fun and have a great time, that alone is such a confidence booster for me.

Emcee Shailesh Rajput Goa

Do you find any traces of your passion in your childhood? 

I was always into public speaking, may it be entering competitions, or giving a speech to my class to shut everyone up as I was the monitor of my class. But never had I, even in my wildest dreams, thought that I would take up public speaking as a career. 

What do you consider a turning point in your career as an Emcee? 

2019 was what I consider the best year or the turning point in my life. Before that, for 2 years, I would get shows on and off, but in 2019 I did almost all the college fests and tons of weddings, and birthday parties along with corporate shows. That’s when I was convinced that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Can you tell us about a memorable event you hosted? 

My first ever event k-oss was a memorable one, because I was nervous as I was going to be replacing one of the most popular college MCs Jessica Sharma. I never knew how the performance would go, but as people described it, I did a good job.

What would be the initial steps for anybody who’s passionate about public speaking? 

Speak. That is what I would say. Get up on a stage or pick a platform, go in front of people, and just speak. Stick to a script if you want to, because sooner or later you won’t need one. And with time you’ll get so good at it, that you’ll thank yourself for trying.

Emcee Shailesh Rajput Goa

How do you keep yourself charged for the stagecraft? 

The fact that I can touch so many lives with the work that I do, make so many people happy, and inspire a lot of them, that’s what keeps me going. The recognition that I get through hosting these events adds fuel to my fire too.

Where are we seeing you next? 

Planning to go big. Do a lot of EDM parties across Goa, become the go to MC for event companies doing weddings in Goa, and also plan to travel the neighboring states for events.

In the coming years, where do you see yourself professionally?

I see myself doing elite and high profile events all across the country. I want to become a popular figure on social media, not just in Goa, but across the country as well. I want to put out good content for people to enjoy so that they can love me on and off the stage.

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