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I-Glam And The Search For India’s Next Child Pageant Star, A Three Day National Level Event Happening At ZONE by Connect In Calangute

28, 29 and 30th May. Mark these dates for a fun weekend organised by I-Glam where we get to see children contesting against each other to win the title of India’s one of a kind Child Pageant.

Known for holding beauty contests across India and for their mentorship program for people who want to pursue a career in modelling and grooming, I-Glam went through a rigorous selection process to finalise the contestants for Mr and Miss Junior India. The participants are children from different parts of the country displaying their talents to grab the title. This competitive event will have several rounds along with a three-day stay at ZONE by Connect in Calangute. The national level event will also host a fashion show for designers to exhibit their handcrafted designs. 

We had an opportunity to have a conversation with Avinash who is the organiser at I-Glam, and we are anticipating a lot of excitement and fun from the upcoming event. Mr and Miss Junior India is a well-curated competitive event to ignite talents across India and set them on a journey. The participants will be judged and trained meticulously by the panellist and the final round on 30th May will be a nail-biting evening for the audience. 

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Here are a few disclosed facts about the grand event this month end and how we can bank on claps and whistles for a delightful evening.

I-Glam is on its hunt for India’s next Child pageant star. What was the selection process for Mr and Miss Junior India?

We have done state pageants in Bihar, West Bengal, UP, Sikkim etc wherein the winner had the opportunity to compete for the nationals. We have a few tie-ups with the local pageants from different states, so there we got our state representative for the Nationals. A lot of activities are being scheduled and contested. For the finale, we will have different rounds like Introduction Round; Talent Round; Sportwear Round and apart from these things we will have a lot more activities during the 3 days event like photoshoots, city tours, Games, etc.

What age group are you considering for the competition?

The age is 3-16 years.

The beauty pageant will be held at Zone by connect in Calangute, how long is the event? 

The event will be for 3 days.

There are participants from all over the nation, how is the program list going to be?

Yes, we will have different state representatives. The program schedule would be as follows:

Day 1 (28th May) – Arrival, leisure & introduction (after 8pm)

Day 2 (29th May ) – Yoga/Zumba Session, Swimming, Photoshoot, Talent round (late evening)

Day 3 (30th May) – City tour (morning), Finale & result announcement (evening)

Can you tell us about the talent round?

In the Talent round contestants will be performing or showcasing their talent like singing, dancing, acting whatever they wish to impress the panellist.

How are the performances going to be evaluated? 

Performances are going to be evaluated on the basis of their talent, confidence, behaviour and overall personality development.

I-Glam is also organising a fashion show exclusively for designers, can you tell us more about it?

Yes, we will have different fashion designers from different part of India they will be showing their dresses on our platform.

The young contestants will also be going on a city tour and interacting with the people at NGOs, orphanages and old-age homes. How is I-Glam planning on organising the tour?

Yes, being the winner of a national level competition is not a cup of tea so they should know how to treat people around them as they will be interacting with a lot of people with different mindsets, cast, religions, with different personality so they should know when and how to treat the people in public. So this is the reason we are including this activity.

What are we going to see in the final round? 

Well, it will be the most happening evening so the details of which remain confidential. You can come and join us and we insist you witness it live.

Are we expecting season two of I-Glam Mr and Miss Junior India? 

Yes, definitely and I am sure it will be a big hit. We hope to see you there as well.

For more details contact: +91 8340364090/ 7070826444


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