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Portugal to Goa: Hozho Talks About His Music and 2021 India Tour

With over millions of streams across multiple platforms, Hozho has build a huge fan base with a musical genre he has himself created called ‘Melodark Minimal’.

Joel Monteiro, popularly known as Hozho, is an electronic music producer and DJ, from Portugal who has captured the world’s attention with his harmonious and unique melodies that takes you an on unforgettable journey. With over millions of streams across multiple platforms, he has built a huge fan base with a musical genre he has himself created called ‘Melodark Minimal’. This is Hozho’s personal style of music which has helped him test his boundaries and not keep his creativity in a box. A project that was born in 2015, Melodark goes beyond being just a musical genre. It has since its inception become an artistic movement with an emotional, motivational and overcoming message. Hozho describes it as a lifestyle, a philosophy of tunes that takes you on an enchanted Melodark escape.

Hozho has released several albums, EP’s, singles and remixes over the years. His album Yin Yang defined his originality and creativity and was the foundation for all his future releases which have received global recognition. Hozho has always been pushing his boundaries when it comes to his sound which has helped him take an upwards trajectory in his DJ career. Though he began exploring other sounds which reflect in his music, he did not stray away from his genre, Melodark. Passion, motivation and just what the sheer love for music has been the driving force for Hozho to achieve the success he has today.

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The mask I wear is a reflection of my experiences. The blood and scars represent all the struggles and difficulties I went through to be where I am today


Hozho’s India Tour 2021 was successfully carried out by Artiste Domain, GTA and Techtales who have been bringing really impressive and unique DJs to the country for the last few years. He played across 7 cities namely Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata Ludhiana and Goa. We got the opportunity to speak to the ‘Plague Doctor’ while he was touring India this year. He opened up to us about himself as an artist, why he loves doing what he does and his musical evolution. You can read about it below.

Tell us a little about you as an artist. What inspired you to become one?

This project came from the need to express myself in a way that I never succeeded. The truth is, I’ve always been passionate about music. When I was a little boy, I imagined myself playing for thousands of people. Back then, that was just a dream. Today I’m living it and I will keep fighting for it. I want my music not to be just music. I want to tell my story. My past and my present. Good things and bad things.

How would you describe your sound?

Anyone who has followed me for some time knows that I have a very unique style. Melodark is my journey and my inspirations. It’s very personal. Although the main two characteristics are constant (the melodic sounds – melo; and the darkness presence – dark), they don’t follow a regular pattern and that’s why I have songs that are quite different from each other. However, the essence is there. What changed was my mood. For me, the main goal of Melodark, as an artistic movement, is to tell a story, either throughout a song or a set. But your story is different from mine. That’s why it’s not so obvious. It’s very subjective. And I think that’s where the beauty of music lies.

How was your overall experience with the India Tour 2021? Which was your favourite city to play at?

If I could describe my India Tour 2021 in one word I would say “fanbase”. My Indian fans were the real stars of this tour. The team that accompanied me all the time was amazing and worked very professionally. For all that, the experience in India was beautiful. Each city was different in a very special way and it wouldn’t be fair to choose the best one. In the end, I feel very grateful.

Hozho techno DJ
Hozho techno DJ

How was your experience playing in Goa?

Goa has a different and unique vibe. It’s interesting to see different cultures there, as if people from all over the world gather to celebrate and have fun. I feel a huge connection with Goa, perhaps because of the historical past between this region and Portugal. It will always be a pleasure to come back and play in Goa.

Do you have any advice for young producers and DJs who are growing in the industry?

Think outside the box, don’t follow the rules. If the music industry is going in one direction, just go in the opposite direction. People want something new, something that is “not normal”. Good content is king and it will always be. Just do it in style.

Hozho techno DJ

What are your future plans as an artist? Any upcoming releases?

The next big projects I’m working on are my second solo album and my DJ Mix 04. One of my dreams is to get into the movie industry, making soundtracks. But for now, the goal is to create a musical path that defines my style (Melodark) even more. Next year, I will release my record label. Stay tuned!

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