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The Magnetic Personality of MC Shane

MC Shane is a skilled Emcee, Tiatr actor and Singer from Taleigao Goa. He is well known for his public speaking skills, humour and wittiness with which he wins over any crowd.

Every occasion needs that one person who can uplift the mood of the crowd and get them involved to get things going. Making sure that everything runs smoothly and on top of that overseeing every activity an be very overwhelming. That’s where a good emcee comes in. The MC can either make or break the evening. A good MC is one who handles any situation with finesse and style to ensure that the event will be remembered for all the right reasons.

Being an emcee is not an easy task as it requires one to have confidence and responsibility, along with good public speaking skills and the ability to not crack under pressure. MC Shane from Goa very skillfully has mastered all these qualities. His drive to meet new people and entertain them has got him quite the recognition. He is also a skilled actor in Tiatr and singer being one the finalists for Goencho Avaz 2019.

Having emceed at many functions such as weddings, birthday parties, church events, festivals etc., Shane Da Costa shares his journey with us at Goan Insider along with a few tips on how to grow as an MC. The excerpts of our conversation are below.

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Shane Max Da Costa. I’m from Taleigao. I’ve done my Masters in Business Administration specialised in Finance from Goa Business School, Goa University in 2020. I am a singer, theatre actor, I am learning to play the piano, I am a member of the Rosarian’s Choir and last but not the least, I am an emcee by passion.

When did your journey as an emcee begin? What made you get into this profession? 

Well, I began emceeing for church activities such as the Christmas week, the youth cultural  event. But I never thought that this would help me make a profession out of it. It was once that I hosted a college event in my college itself. It was that same event where I felt I could take up emceeing and make it as my profession. Just as I thought about it, I got a call from a person who was present for this particular event asking me if I could host her 21st birthday. There on my journey began.

What gets you excited about your work?

To be honest, I feel every show is a challenge: a challenge to do better than the previous show. Also I have this drive to meet new people, to entertain them and not forgetting, trying to cover a wider market so that people are aware that I am working professionally as an emcee.

What are skills one must possess to be a good emcee?

Firstly, the person should possess closing skills. That’s the first step wherein you crack the deal. If you ask me to have a list of skills then I would say public speaking skills, flexibility, time management, self management, wittiness, humour and command over your language. But above all, I feel your communication and public speaking skills should be at the apex level.

How do you prepare for an event? Is there any ritual you follow? 

Preparation is the key to success. For me, most times, if not always, begins right at the time when I speak with my clients to know what exactly they’re seeking for. Any emcee should be ready to expect the unexpected and respond to the situation like as if he was expecting it to happen. Speaking of preparation, like in project management there is a concept of using a Gantt chart, which is like a time table and tells you what activity follow and precede the other. So, based on experience I note a tentative time at which the event would begin, followed by every small activity like for example say for a wedding, the couple’s entrance, cutting of the cake wedding march, first dance etc. Thus every minute detail is taken care of. Secondly, I prepare pointers on what to speak when. I never prepare a full script, because while delivering them they sound monotonous and a written language rather than a spoken language.

MC Shane Weddings Goa
MC Shane emceeing at a wedding in Goa

You have also been involved in Tiatrs (Konkani Stage Theatre). Could you share your experience in this? 

I began acting in one act plays while I was in my catechism classes. I began with comedy roles which then gave me an opportunity to act in village Tiatrs as a comedian. But as years passed I felt I was more comfortable in doing the serious roles. It’s been 10 years now that I act in dramas. I won’t consider myself as a commercial actor but I do take part in the annual Tiatr competition organised at Kala Academy. I predominately act for Taleigao Dramatic Troupe when it comes to the Tiatr competitions. I’ve also acted in the film “Padrik Nanv Nam?” I was also one the finalists for Goencho Avaz 2019.

As an emcee, how do you build a successful customer base?

The key is networking. You network with people and you build a prospective clientele. Although this comes second, first still being the way how I actually perform at shows. This then tends to have a ripple effect: I perform well, I get appreciated more; I get appreciated more, I get more shows.

Could you take us through a day in your life, from a possible morning routine through to your work till you hit the sack?

Let me speak of the current days where we have unpredictable situations and the fear of Coronavirus hovers over our heads. I wake up at 7:15, watch the live mass and then have my breakfast. We have a wine store which is run by my dad. So, then I go to assist him. I then get sort of a lunch break and have my grub and rejoin work at the shop. Keeping in mind that there are lesser footfalls at this time, I simultaneously do a Tally ERP9 with GST course online. Around 4:30 I’m relieved again by my dad. I then practice at the piano, followed by my workout. At 7:30 we say our rosary and then dinner and off to bed around 11:00/11:30.

How has your journey as an emcee been so far? 

The journey just kept getting spectacular. You know, as a person you keep growing as you keep exploring new things. May it be in terms of meeting new people, having to develop new ideas, or even improvising on your style.

MC Shane Events Goa

What have been the most satisfying moments in your career?

The most satisfying moment comes always when I get appreciated by guests at the party I host or the clients themselves. That’s what I need. That’s when I feel I do justice to my role as an emcee.

What has been your biggest support system? 

My family has always given me the support to be an emcee. To be honest, I still pick my outfit for any of my shows only after my mom approves it, simply because I need someone to tell me what looks better on me. But moreover, I feel I’m self driven towards this career path because when it comes to hosting any show, I love doing it and ensure that I do it passionately.

If you had a magic stick, which are the three things you would change in the world?

Well, if I had a magic stick, I’d want to do a whole lot of things. But since you’ve asked me what would be the 3 things I’d want to change, then wish 1 would be to begin the entertainment and event industry right now by having the vaccine for Coronavirus. Wish 2 would be to restore back what nature was several years ago because the developmental growth has been an exponential one. Due to this nature will no longer be sustained in the near future for the next generation if concretization at this pace continues. Wish 3 would be to eradicate corruption completely. We need to have complete transparency whether when someone applies for an admission in any institution or a job. This will not only give the right person the right job but also help to eradicate poverty to a healthy extent.

What’s coming up for you down the road?

They say that practice makes a man perfect. Since the event and entertainment industry still not being opened like how it used to be, we fear of what’s gonna happen to people who are into this field. All we can hope and pray is that everything becomes normal as soon as possible. Thus change should be constant. What’s next for me? Well, it’s innovation. Something new that the audience would love and want to see. I do not want to reveal what exactly it is at this stage.

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