DJ Prithvi Goa Bangalore

DJ Prithvi Back In Town To Take Goans On A Musical Ride, Here’s What He Has To Say Before The Show

We have known DJ Prithvi for quite while now and all we can say is he has remained unstoppable over the years. With his next gig in Goa, DJ Prithvi opens up on his journey, and his likes and dislikes in this interview.

The young Bangalore-based talent, DJ Prithvi is an essential name in the hip-hop industry. At the early age of 16, the artist had already found his calling. Dropping out of a dental college marks the beginning of DJ Prithvi’s exciting career. Having opened for over 100+ international artists in his thirteen-year-long career, the artist definitely has a say when it comes to being a DJ. Prithvi is proficient in his style and his understanding of music is evident throughout his shows. He has three singles under his name and he has performed at country’s few of the biggest music festivals. If you hear DJ Prithvi performing in your town, this interview will give you all the reasons to never miss his gigs. 

This Thursday, 18 August Goa will witness one of the most energetic nights with DJ Prithvi. We get to know about the artist’s eclectic career and about his upcoming show. More about it below. 

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You are a popular name in the electronic dance music industry. Where did you begin as an artist? 

It all started when I dropped out of Dental College and started focusing on a Music Career. From what could have been a “Dr.” as initials It turned out to be “DJ”. Since I was a kid, I’ve been listening to Dance music tunes and Hip Hop beats. So it was written for me to become an artist I guess. 

How do you stay up to date with the music trends?

The trick is to keep our mindset and ears open constantly to discover the latest trend in music. Since I started DJ-ing I have seen genres rise and fall. Once Big Room EDM was trending, now it is Underground music that has come back to the mainstream after a decade. You could even discover cool mashups while scrolling through Instagram reels. Music is everywhere. 

What do you usually start with when preparing for a set?

It depends on what gig it is. For college fests and concerts, I start with an Intro track that builds the momentum for the audience and then plan a fun set to keep them jumping.

But for the nightclubs, I generally do not plan a set and go there. Because to me, nightclubs are all about singing along and grooving with your friends. I see the vibe and understand the crowd in the first 15 mins into my set on what they like.

Do they like 90’s and 00’s hits? Or do they need new school mumble rap? Or is it classic rock and retro?

I have learnt to switch accordingly to be versatile after playing for thousands of gigs in the last 13 years. 

DJ Prithvi Goa Bangalore

We would like to know about your upcoming gig in Goa. What can we expect from your show? 

I am playing at Soro’s in Goa this Thursday (Sep 18) for their weekly IP “Hip-Hop Hizzle”. I expect it to be a fun night with lots of Hip Hop and sing-along Top 40’s. I can’t wait. Excited. 

Our readers want to know about the three singles you have released. 

Ofcourse! I started with “Sunshine” a House track. And later released a Pop track “Weekend”. That started trending on iTunes USA – Top 200 Charts. It also went on to Top 10 Charts on Beatport Moombahton section back then. When the world was down with covid and with everyone locked down, I released “Lost my way” to keep everyone’s spirits up. Just like the lyrics on it. 

I am hoping to be shooting music videos for my upcoming pop music releases by end of this year. 

How do you feel performing for the Goan audience? 

Across India, Everyone knows Goans are the most high spirit, ‘happy vibes only’ people. No one can match their energy. Its a blessing to come over and entertain them every time.

You have opened for top-notch DJs like Hardwell, Lost Frequencies and TROYBOI. Any quality of theirs you think Indian DJs should incorporate? 

A: Indian DJs are as talented as the International DJs in the current world music scene. But if you must insist, I think we Indian DJs should learn to be more open to accepting all kinds of music genres rather than chasing the trend. 

Tell us about the adrenaline rush that you get from the stage.


All the struggles back in the early days are worth it. That has a deeper meaning to it. Switching 4 buses every night to be a resident DJ at a small sports bar in a shady neighbourhood and walking home at nights, back in the days was a struggle. And I am glad I went through all those years.

Blessed to be travel across the country and play music and spread love. 

What techniques do you use to engage the audience? 

3M’s. It’s the Mic-ing, Memes and Music. 

I get on mic to ensure that the energy levels on dance floor is not drained. 

I’ve been making memes and putting it out on 9GAG, Reddit and Facebook groups since god knows when. So anyone who follows me on Instagram and Facebook can vouch for it. I am keeping them engaged with all my shitposting. 

And ofcourse Music has to be on point. To keep them singing and happy all the time. It’s time for them to make some nights so memorable that they always remember. 

DJ Prithvi Goa Bangalore

What are your hobbies other than DJing? 

I collect Digital Art. NFTs are the next big thing IMO. And I am working on connecting digital art with music in India. I also read books. Mostly fantasy or motivational ones. 

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