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Roots in Introspection: Black Hertz On His Journey with Minimal Techno and India Tour 2021

Black Hertz is a globally recognised Music Producer and DJ from Brazil who describes his music as high tech minimal with each tracks inspiration rooted in deep introspection

For a music track to leave an impression in anyones life, it has to do a lot with what is in the sound and what the sound conveys. Over the years, music producers have experimented with the niche of dance music to find a way to dig deeper into the meaning of things. There is something very poetic about discovering something buried deep within a sound. The minimal sound has greatly evolved over the years and has managed to garner a huge amount of listeners globally.

Black Hertz has been playing an integral role in modern electronic music with his intriguing melodies. He describes his music as high tech minimal with each tracks inspiration rooted in deep introspection. Having several top releases and remixes on highly reputed labels, his minimal sound is a fan favourite not just in his country Brazil, but globally as well. Black Hertz had his much awaited India tour recently in the month of November 2021. Knowing the kind of impact his music would leave in the country, three power packed event companies namely, Artiste Domain, Global Talent Agency and TechTales were the one’s responsible for pulling off Black Hertz first appearance in India. Creating an event space known as ‘Darkroom’ which encompasses all things minimal, it was the perfect fit for Black Hertz music. He completed a successful 4 city tour in India, having played at Pune, Bangalore, Goa and Hyderabad.

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At Goan Insider, we caught up with this enthusiastic Music Producer and DJ to learn a little about his music journey and his India tour experience. The excerpts of our conversation are below.

Tell us a little bit about yourself as an artist. What inspired you to become one? 

I as an artist am at the same time introspective, emotional and sometimes explosive and this is reflected in my music. What inspired me to become a DJ was to observe the daily routine of the people around me, also my family, and see how I could improve my life and theirs. I also wanted to inspire young people, that no matter where you come from you can become successful, and help other people, creating a cycle of good. 

How would you describe your sound? 

My sound is young, and imposing, something different from what you hear in the market. Who listens to my music ends up liking it at first. I also think there is a lot of space for this style in the very near future, after all we are just at the beginning.

How was your overall experience with the India Tour 2021? What was your favorite city to play in? 

My experience was the most incredible. Besides getting to know this amazing country, I also met one of the best friends that music gave me, Hozho. I loved the Shiva temple and the Taj Mahal that I had visited. I took back some incredible energies from these places to the studio.

Black Hertz Goa Techno
Hozho & Black Hertz

The city that I enjoyed the most to play at was Bangalore, people jumped and had a lot of fun. Pune was also fantastic, and Goa was magical. 

Black Hertz Goa Techno
Black Hertz Performing at Darkroom in Raahi Bangalore

How was your experience playing in Goa?

Goa was truly magical. People gave themselves to the track, and most importantly I made good friends in this amazing state. I can’t wait to be back in Goa soon.

Black Hertz Goa Techno
Black Hertz Performing at C Lounge, Goa

Do you have any advice for young producers and DJs who are growing in the industry? 

Don’t focus so much on feedback from people who are not in the industry. Always seek feedback from experienced people who know the trade. They will give good advice and direct you in the right way. 

Always look for references from artists you admire and don’t be afraid to study their music. Your identity comes with time, experience and a lot of practice. 

What are your future plans as an artist? Any future releases?

The next plan is to expand my brand “Black Hertz” by growing my Spotify account even more and working better on Youtube clips.

When it comes to releases, I am working on an album. The plan is also to release at least 1 single or an EP on my label, Acid Mind Rec., every month or 2 months. I also have a few upcoming tours lined up. You can stay updated with my tours and music by following my Instagram account, Black Hertz.

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