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Goa’s Most Loved Social Media Influencers of 2022

Individuals chosen by the Goan public with content that has entertained us in 2022.

Social media today has become an essential part of many people’s lives. And the one’s who have gotten pro at the online game are the social media influencers. An Influencers main activity on social media is to create a digital communities online and offer high-quality online content that educates, entertains, or encourages their audience, allowing them to engage with their fans. Influencers can range from as little as 1k-10k followers (nano-influencers) to having more than 1 million followers (mega-influencers). Be it Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Comedy, Food, Goa has gained a lot of interesting and loved social media content creators over the years. Below are Goa’s most loved Social Media Influencers of 2022 as chosen by the Goan public.

Larissa D’Sa (@larissa_wlc)

Larissa D’s is one of the most prominent names in the Digital space in India. Her passion for Travel, Adventure, Fashion, Art, Fitness ans Lifestyle as a whole makes her a multi-genre creator. Larissa is a GoPro India Ambassador and verified YouTuber with over 540k subscribers as well as a verified Instagram influencer with over 717k followers. She has got featured on prestigious publications such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Lake, The Hindu, The Asian Age, Grazia, Femina and many more. Larissa is associated with makeup brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder and Dior. Larissa positively uses her social media channels as platforms to share her experience as a content creator

Scarlett Rose Goa Influencer

Scarlett Rose (@scarlettmrose)

Scarlett M. Rose is an Indian television personality, actress, supermodel, entrepreneur and social media influencer. She won the reality show MTV Splitsvilla Season 7, after which she joined television, did a couple of TV series and hosted an MTV show of her own, ‘MTV Sexy Scarlett’. She owns her own app and is the founder of few social media platforms. Scarlett currently has over 1 Million followers across her social media platforms.

Megha Gupta (@meghaguptaofficial)

Megha Gupta is an Indian television actress and model based out of Goa. Gupta has appeared in television serials such as Kkavyanjali, Kumkum – Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan, Mamta, C.I.D., MTV Big F, and Main Teri Parchhain Hoon. She participated in Nach Baliye 4 with Naman Shaw and was a runner-up. She is a verified personality on Instagram with over 1.3 million followers.

Prathamesh Maulingkar (@prathamesh_maulingkar)

Prathamesh Maulingkar is a model and entrepreneur by profession. He is a former Indian international U-23 footballer. He won the title of Mister Supranational in 2018. He then represented India at the Mister Supranational 2018 pageant in Krynica-Zdrój, Poland where he was declared as the winner being the first Asian to win the title of Mister Supranational. He had played as a centre back for Dempo in the I-League. Prathamesh is the first footballer in Asia to be featured on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. He also works as a fitness trainer and owns a gym in the state of Goa. He is a verified personality on Instagram with over 302k followers.

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Flexcia Travel Influencer Goa

Flexcia D’souza (@flexcia_dsouza)

Flexcia D’souza is an offbeat traveller, local explorer and a travel content curator. She leverages her travel content as a tool to share wisdom nuggets, mindful living, healthy relations/sharings and to advocate mental well being. For her, travel has been therapeutic and an enabler of better mental health. She uses her gram and reach as a tool to promote this. She’s a seasoned journalist with a veteran national daily and a social media expert. Flexcia is a verified influencer on Instagram with over 123k followers.

Jigyasaa Goa Blogger Influencer

Jigyasaa Malhotra (@jigyasaamalhotra)

Jigyasaa Malhotra has been a Travel content creator since 2017. She is also professionally a food photographer and a social media manager. The goal of her day page has been to explore the underrated parts of India and highlight the beauty of Goa beyond beaches. She currently has over 76.7k followers on her Instagram.

Nyeree Goa Fashion Influencer

Nyeree Viegas (@thenyereediaries)

Nyeree Viegas started her as a Fashion and Beauty creator in 2017 and since then has evolved to cover a somewhat wider focus than just fashion, eventually venturing into travel. Currently, she has over 17.7K followers on Instagram with one of her reels crossing over 2 million plays. Recently, she has been putting out content revolving around home decor and DIY projects. She believes that as a content creator who loves to explore, she can’t stick to one niche. Nyeree likes to keep things as authentic as possible and that’s something she is extremely proud of.

For Nyeree, Instagram has been a much needed creative outlet to talk about all of her hobbies, interests and more, and has helped her find a community who can relate to the same. Nyeree also has a Youtube channel with around 1.88K subscribers where she posts similar content to her Instagram.

Rajani Goa Fashion Influencer

Rajani Dhar (@bontuwithbows)

Rajani Dhar, popularly known as ‘bontuwithbows’, is a Goan fashion & lifestyle blogger and a fashion design student at the prestigious NIFT, Mumbai. Clothing and styling have been a big part of who she is but she also felt obligated to share the elements and observations about this in the form of content creation. Being a highly prolific fashion and beauty influencer, Rajani also found it soothing and rewarding to be in this space because she always remembers sketching runway looks in the back of her notebooks in school.

Rajani’s collaborations are versatile with some of her current brand partnerships being with Myntra, Lavie, Lenskart, Urbanic, Wacoal, etc. She also loves to collaborate with small businesses. Her road to fame was her Instagram reel content that went viral gaining over millions of views and was featured by Miss Malini, a well known digital influencer. Her content was also featured on Official Humans of Bombay and regularly on cosmo street style pages. She currently has a strong community of over 17.1k followers on her social media accounts.

Foodonrun Food Blogger Goa

Rudr Ghotge & Prapti Tar (@foodonrun__)

Rudr and Prapti started ‘Foodonrun’ as a means to post their kitchen stories, food outings and visits to places that serve authentic Goan food and other cuisines as well. What started on a fun note has now been able to grow a social following that is obsessed with their niche approach to food blogging and content creation.

The duo loves to explore more of Goan street foods and fusion foods and their Instagram reels are moreover focused on that segment. But they do cover restaurants and other food brands as well. You can say that ‘Foodonrun’ has the content of your food dreams. They also create content on their personal Instagram handles ‘rudra_avatar’ and ‘prapp_t’ and are both individually recognised as ‘Born on Instagram’ creators.

Mufeez Desi Goa Vlogger

Mufeez Khan (@desi.goan)

Mufeez Khan, also known as ‘Desi Goan’, is a popular Goan comedy content creator on Instagram and Youtube with over 57K followers and 11.4K subscribers respectively. He is currently pursuing his mechanical engineering.

He posts mostly hilarious and satirical videos as well as upbeat commercial parodies in Konkani which his Goan audience find very relatable. Mufeez started creating videos during the first Covid19 lockdown in March 2020 and his aim is to spread the Konkani language worldwide with his content.

Muchfoodgoa blogger food

Sita Ilkar & Shweta Ilkar (@muchfoodgoa)

Sita and Shweta Ilkar started their widely successful Instagram food blog ‘MuchFoodGoa’ in June 2020. These two sisters discovered their passion for cooking the first Covid19 lockdown in India. They started sharing their delicious creations with their friends which led them to create ‘MuchFoodGoa’. Their motive behind starting the page was solely to share authentic Goan cuisine and their favourite recipes. They have curated their own recipes by experimenting a lot in the kitchen. Beyond the kitchen, the duo loves exploring local and small eateries in Goa.

They have been influenced by a lot of culinary shows on television as well as their mother’s flawless cooking, which can be seen with the beautiful assortment of colors on their feed. As their popularity kept growing, they soon started getting invited to review food and products of various brands and businesses in Goa. Some of their major brand collaborations include, a one day culinary tour with Delhi Food Walks, Fabindia to name a few.

Akshay Goa Memes

Akshay Amrut Volvoiker (@goa.say.memes)

Akshay Amrut Volvoiker is a Goan content creator who is spreading laughter and awareness with his unique and original ideas. He found his voice on Instagram collecting over 12.2K followers and more than 3 million views on his account ‘goa.say.memes’.

AkkiPublic is the name of his community that works unitedly to support good causes in the society. His moment to fame was when his Konkani remix of the famous song “Manike Mange Hithe” went viral during the month of Shravan. The key to Akshay’s success is his authenticity, personality and wit.

Karan Goa Memes

Karan Matodkar (@md_karan_gabbar)

Karan Matodkar is a comedy content creator from Goa who started his trending videos in 2020. Karan’s Instagram account and YouTube channel can become your regular virtual hang-out places. And if it’s your first time checking it out, we would suggest you kick and sit with some snacks as you will witness some of the most hilarious trolls, roasts and TV show spoofs among other content.

Over time Karan has managed to gain a following of over 13.6K followers on Instagram and around 4.7K subscribers on his Youtube channel.

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Moses J Saldanha (@mosesjsaldanha)

Moses J Saldanha is a Goan Vlogger and Youtuber who has achieved a great amount of success in a short period of time. Within a year, Moses became one of Goa’s top Vloggers with over 198K subscribers receiving the Silver Youtube Creator Award. His videos showcase the authentic version of Goa gathering over 36M+ views. He has also helped various local businesses by showcasing them on his platform. He is now trying to explore more of India and showcase the best locations to visit. He is currently having a following of over 31.5K on his Instagram account.

Celine Goa Fashion Influencer

Celina Vieira (@celina_not_gomez)

Celina Vieira aka celina_not_gomez , is a self taught makeup artist and a lifestyle creator. Her journey began in the year 2019 when posting videos wasn’t really important to her as she couldn’t decide how she wanted her account to progress. 2020 was the year Celine started her makeup journey and hit a small road bump with her reach due to Instagrams algorithm. However, recently she was able to reach 1 Million accounts. Talking about makeup , it is something she is very passionate about. Makeup holds a special place in Celine’s life and she has been playing around with cosmetic products since she was a child. The Halloween looks that she created has given her an overwhelming response. Her looks have got featured on different MUA pages as well. Celine has also collaborated with Femina India for a makeup tutorial.

Albert Rodrigues (@mr_voddalocks_69)

Albert Christrayn Rodrigues is Youtuber and Instagram video creator popularly known as ‘Mr_voddalocks_69’. Back in 2018 he started his YouTube channel named ‘AR 69 Vlogs’ where he would post comedy skits. This was the turning point in his life as he gained recognition with countless number of people sharing his videos. In 2020, he started posting short funny videos on Instagram and with the recognition he already had, his popularity grew quickly on the Instagram platform as well. Albert collaborated with the Goan creators to make funny and viral reels. Today he has more than 8000 followers on Instagram and 1.6 k subscribers on YouTube.

Ami Susegad Goa Influencer

Ami Susegad (@amisusegad)

Ami Susegad consists of a team of Content Creators who have been posting viral video comedy content on YouTube since 2017. Ami Susegad created by Akshay, Rajat And Roy, came into limelight when their YouTube Video titled, ‘Goa Vs Rest Of Indians And Goencho Fudarr’ made waves in the community. Ami Susegad has also gained over 13k+ followers on Instagram with their “Mis-Heard Lyrics” Reels fetching over 100k in plays. With their tagline ‘#BeSafeBeSusegad’, their team is becoming popular among all age groups in Goa.

Juvella Fashion Influencer Goa

Juvella D’Gama (@juvelladgamaofficial)

Juvella D’Gama is one of Goa’s top Instagrammers and fashion bloggers with over 78k followers on Instagram. She also covers Travel and Food blogging on her page. Her ‘Fashiondicted’ blog covers everything from travel, lifestyle, personal wellbeing and more. She love creating content that gives people reasons and ideas to take inspiring pictures themselves when they are on their vacation. Juvella was awarded as the Best Fashion Blogger Goa for 2019 by B&B.

Siddharth Art Influencer Goa

Siddharth Kerkar (@siddharthkerkar)

Siddharth Kerkar is a Goan artist, designer and influencer with over 83.9k followers on Instagram. He runs the Museum of Goa and is the Founder of the Goa Affordable Art Fest which showcased the works of over 1200 artists from across the country and abroad. Siddharth completed his degree in Fine Art and Design from the Central St Martins and Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts, London. His first group exhibition was at the Candid Arts Trust, London in 2017. He was a part of ‘Shred’, an exhibition in London at the Lotus Studio which included about 20 works by Siddharth. His works is also featured in several galleries in India as well as internationally. He has also been a part of art fairs like Art Bengaluru, India and Algarve Artist Network Art Fair, Portugal. His creations are a blend of his fascination with textures and minimalistic patterns. He merges art, fashion and lifestyle to create unique and luxury products.

Sneha Fashion Influencer Goa

Sneha Prabhu (@materialgirlindia)

Sneha Prabhu a.k.a. ‘MaterialGirlIndia’ initially started her page as a fashion blog and slowly evolved it into a space for sharing quick video and photographic content focusing on day to day fashion trends. She has worked with ample brands from Only Store, Max, Nykaa, Flying Machine, and many more. Her Local brands tie-ups have been with Binapunjani, Jaipur Diaries, Wendell Rodricks etc. Goa being a tourist destination, Sneha has had the chance to indulge in creating some travel and food content as well, making her process of content creation even more exciting. Most of Sneha’s content revolves around affordable outfit inspirations, get ready with me videos, fashion hacks and so on.

Ruben Food Influencer Goa

Ruben Rodrigues (@mr.kurkurit)

Ruben Rodrigues, popularly known as Mr. Kurkurit, is a young food content creator who shot to fame with his unique and entertaining food related videos on his Instagram handle, ‘mr.kurkurit’. With over 68K followers on Instagram today, he has been featured on multiple media publications, FM radio and has collaborated with UNICEF and Instagram. Ruben runs a YouTube channel along with his mother called ‘The Food Diary’ with over 18k subscribers. Ruben has also been recognised as a ‘Born On Instagram Creator’ by Instagram.

Kevin Travel Influencer Goa

Kevin Pinto (@wander_with_kevin)

Kevin Pinto is a Travel & Food Blogger and an Instagram Influencer from North Goa. He has been blogging for almost 3 years and most of his work is portrayed on his Instagram handle ‘wander_with_kevin’. His content primarily focuses on offbeat travel destinations, travel tips & guides, sustainable travel, food recommendations & staycations. Over the last 3 years, he has managed to grow his follower base to over 21.8k on Instagram & reaching out to millions through travel & food reels. He has been featured on various publications in Goa and has been recognised as a ‘Born On Instagram Creator’ by Instagram. Over the years, he has worked with brands such as LBB, Hilton, The Leela, BLive, SoulTravelling to name a few.

Trevon Fashion Influencer Goa

Trevon Dias (@trevon_dias)

Trevon Dias is a model, fitness trainer, health specialist and a fashion/ lifestyle social media influencer with over 105k Instagram followers. He rose to fame with his participation in the 13th season of the dating reality show, MTV Splitsvilla.

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