Rose Mary Subash

I am Rose Mary Subash, an undergraduate currently pursuing psychology english and journalism in Mount Carmel College. I enjoy observing things around me and bringing meaning to them through words and visuals. i am also a passionate reader and pet-lover. In my free time you can find me painting or watching a movie. I have worked as an editor for an author, which has immensely helped me broaden my writing skills. I also work as a video editor and social media manager. You can find some of my work on @misc.merchants

Mario Fernandes: Exploring the Ocean in One Breath

Mario Fernandes, the first and only level 2 freediving instructor in India, responded when asked how it feels to explore the ocean without breathing apparatus: “It’s the closest you get to experiencing life like a fish. It’s fun, exciting, relaxing, and yet at the same time scary, challenging and overwhelming.”