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Not Your Average Digital Content Creator: Shawn Kenneth

Shawn Kenneth is a world-class Digital Creator, Writer, Musician, Podcaster from Goa. He is a sucker for good food and great music.

A lot of websites and social media accounts reflect somewhat of a parked page or account. Customers and followers need a reason to visit your account or website and that’s where a good digital campaign can take your presence to a global stage. It takes time to find one’s style. Content helps people know about you and your business and if you manage to make some unique shareable content then, You Win The Game! Some people are just happy doing things differently to stand out but finding the perfect combination can help any digital creator or business push their content to a whole new level.

Driven by crafting unique visual experiences online, Shawn Kenneth is a world-class Digital Creator, Writer, Musician, Podcaster having worked with clients such as Mercedes Benz, Apple, IFFI, India Beach Fashion Week, and many more. Shawn is a Computer Engineering Professional from Goa, India. Other than being one of Goa’s leading content creators, he has a fun side to him that everyone enjoys. He is a sucker for good food and great music and is perpetually on the lookout for sarcasm, intense conversations, and of course, bacon. Never passing up an opportunity to learn something new has helped him grow extensively in his craft over the years.

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At Goan Insider, we managed to catch up with Shawn and learn about his journey. The excerpts of our conversation are below.

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Shawn Kenneth Fernandes. I’m a Digital Creator, Writer, Musician, Podcaster & Engineer. I completed my B.E in Computer Engineering from GEC Goa and I am currently the Creative Lead/Manager at Goa’s Biggest Digital Marketing Firm, GrowthGravy. I also work as a Professor at Goa’s Premiere Online Learning Institute SkillStudio.Online. I simultaneously run my Creative Firm Shawn Kenneth Creations and also work on Music Production in my free time.

Shawn Kenneth Goa

What inspired your love for Digital Content Creation? What are the services you provide?

As a child, I was always drawn towards technology, hence my decision to pursue Engineering. But I was also always drawn towards the creative field because I loved drawing and playing music. For years, I wanted to find a way to reconcile these two classically distinct fields and found that I in fact could, by just taking my creative inklings into the Digital Space. Over the last few years, I explored every inch of what was possible and worked on building my skills to the level I wanted them to get to.

I am also heavily inspired by Design Artists like Justin M. Maller, Musicians like Misha Mansoor & Youtubers like MKBHD (Marques Brownlee) for their unique approach to creating their content online. I’m also a huge fan of the Motivational Speaker GaryVee.

My main service is UI-UX & Graphic Design but I also provide Front-End Development, Video Editing, Music & Sound Engineering, and Creative Writing.

What are some of the brands that you have collaborated with? Anyone which stands out?

I’ve had the good fortune of working with some amazing brands, including Mercedes Benz, IFFI, TEDxGEC, FashionTV & India Beach Fashion Week, over the years. I owe a special thanks to my current firm GrowthGravy for giving me that opportunity. 

Shawn Kenneth Goa

Imagine you have a client who knows nothing about digital marketing. How would you convince them to take your services?

My most convincing pitch of Digital Services is to ask them to verbally present themselves in 5 minutes. Then I show them a website or online portfolio of a brand that effectively communicates the same message in less than 30 seconds through the power of Creative Visuals and Web Design. It usually works best to show them the ease of accessing a website from a phone.

Starting your very own design firm at the age of 13, what are the struggles you faced when starting out and how did you overcome them? 

I think the biggest struggle has always been convincing older people why the services I provided were needed in the first place. It’s an art that I learned over quite a few years. Also, another struggle has always been managing the workload with my studies because I was the most active with my work right before my Std 10th and Std 12th exams. There was a point where I had to pause services to dedicate time to those exams but it all worked out in the end.

I was very fortunate to get a lot of support from people early on to work on my Design Firm. I used to do a lot of freelance work but a few different people convinced me to formalize it, make a few business cards, and set up an online presence. 

Shawn Kenneth Goa

What’s your greatest achievement as a Digital Creator so far?

I think besides working with 60+ clients (Including Mercedes Benz, Apple, IFFI, TEDxGEC, FashionTV & India Beach Fashion Week), coaching 4000+ students, starting my design firm at 13, and publishing my first online course on graphic design through SkillStudio.Online, my favorite achievements include hitting 6.5K views on my recently launched Podcast “Shawn Speaks”. Also includes producing, performing on, and engineering some successful music videos on my Youtube Channel. All of these are things I never thought were possible. 

Being invited to speak at Goa IT Day 2018, CIBA Goa, and judging multiple competitions at Don Bosco High School Panjim are also favorite moments!

For me, another big achievement is when people constantly ask me “What can’t you do?” In all honesty, I don’t consider the range of skills to be any more impressive than a ton of creators across the State of Goa but it does feel amazing knowing that my efforts are being appreciated

Shawn Kenneth Digital Creator
Shawn Fernandes speaking at Business Network International (BNI), Panjim Chapter

Nowadays Digital Marketing courses are available in plenty. How would someone know which would be the right Digital Marketing Course to take up?

Being from an Agency, the most important thing is to find a course that showcases actual results from people who have worked with good brands. Nothing beats practical experience, which is what we’re proud of providing at

Could you elaborate on the scope of Digital Marketing in India?

In recent years, Digital Marketing has definitely taken center stage considering how technology has taken over every aspect of our lives! You’re now pre-disposed to go online to search for a product or service and that’s exactly where your business needs to live.

Recently, Instagram has made it a little difficult for creators to receive the same engagement as before. What is your take on this? Are there strategies you know that people can use to get back their engagement?  

Instagram has always been about creating original and engaging content and while yes, engagement has taken a hit as a whole, I believe the best way forward is to work on collaborating with other creators as much as possible to achieve better overall reach! And of course, create amazing original content in the process!

Shawn Fernandes Digital Creator Goa

What is your opinion about SEO and Paid Marketing? For long-term success which one do you think is more effective?

For long term success, it is equally effective to use both techniques depending on what your service is and how you need to reach the relevant audiences. The best thing to do with both is to start slow with small budgets and eventually observe what works better for your brand.

According to you, what are some universal and effective content marketing strategies for any business to grow online?

Provide Value! No amount of marketing will ever help if your basic product or service doesn’t give people value! You can find a platform that gives you multiple millions of people to reach out to but it’s practically useless if those people don’t find your product/service valuable enough to come back and invest in.

What words of advice would you like to share to upcoming digital creators who are finding it hard to stand out in this saturated industry?

Take the first step! It’s often to hardest to start with your first piece of content! Just take as simple a setup and put your content out. Quality comes with practice. Do check out my Podcast “Shawn Speaks” for more, because that’s exactly where I talk about this topic.

What are the 3 most essential tools that every Digital Marketer should learn?

Design, Copywriting and How to Create Online Ads.

Other than Digital Creation, what are your hobbies?

I’m in a unique place where I’ve managed to fuse most of my hobbies with my Digital Creation persona! Other than that, I am a musician and love performing on stage. I love visiting new places, trying new cuisine,s and quite recently, have grown to be a fitness enthusiast.

Shawn Kenneth Digital Creator Goa

How can our readers stay connected with you as well as your brand?

I’m the most active and engaging on my Instagram account! You’ll also find most of my work and recent projects linked up over on my Website. I also regularly publish my projects on my Behance Portfolio.

Find my Music on my Youtube channel.

What’s next for you? 

My goal has always been to work with some of the biggest clients in the world. Some of the brands I’m keen on working with in the next few years are Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Netflix. I also want to see our Digital Marketing Firm, GrowthGravy, and Online Learning Institute Skillstudio.Online reach international fame, putting Goa on the World Map as a forerunner in the Digital Space.

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